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[Vic] Black Spur session - Monday 17th Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nibor, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. im working a split shift monday, so i have a break between midday and 6pm. did the this last week too, was a great day so ive decided to rinse and repeat :p

    i will be leaving Boronia Coles at 12:10pm, heading to Healesville up mountain highway and the dandy tourist for a warm-up, to lilydale then then maroondah highway all the way.

    the sole aim of this is to cut:
    a) some laps.
    b) into a burger at Rays :grin:

    i will be heading back to work around 5pm or so, or whenever i feel like it really. everyone can do their own thing for all i care :)

    im introducing my mate to the Spur on a bike, as he has been rebuilding/repairing his CBRr for a few months. other than thursday night ive never ridden with him anyway.

    already have one more joining us, with a possible few others. anyone is welcome really, im just out for some fun on an extended lunch break :LOL:

    yell out if your in, hope to see some more of ya's there!

    Nibs :grin: