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[VIC] Black Spur, Sat arvo, slow drivers, GAAAAH!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Mahoney, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Just a quick vent about riding 100km out to the Black Spur for the first time today, only to remember that yes, it's a Saturday, so lots of people cruising
    around = stuck behind 6 car lines toddling up the black spur at 40kmh!!! GAHH!!!!

    Usually lead by some slow ass P plater, making everyone else, including me, bank up behind them with nowhere to go!
    Now the GS500 isn't bad for a LAMS bike, but it's pushing it to consider passing 4 to 6 cars in the 3 spots with decent visibility along the 15km stretch!

    Anyway, will have to try it at sparrows fart some velvet morning so I can actually appreciate it's twisty goodness.

    Rant out.

  2. Thats the ****wits @ TAC, Vicroads & Vicpol in action for you!
    Don't you just love how they spend our taxpayer money
  3. You've lost me...............what have TAC, Vicroads and Vicpol got to do with slow driving sightseers on the Black Spur?
  4. Everything...

    Piss poor driver education standards


    Pathetic road regulation and speed limit setting




    just generally being the most incompetent f#uckwits on the planet next to politicians
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  5. Was clear yesterday at 7:30AM...

    Unfortunately good runs (also due to popo) are becoming less frequent unless you make an effort to be there out of traffic times.
  6. With respect to what you are saying, it was my parents that taught me how to drive, not the government so blaming them is a bit of a cop out. Yeah, it's a pain PITA to get stuck behind a slow driver but remember, it might have been one of your or my kids who has just got their licence and wisely, is not pushing it too hard on a windy road.
    I drive the spur a bit and it pisses me off when i get stuck behind slow traffic but it makes me cringe when a d!ck head on a bike rips around me with fu@k all room and i'm the one who has to brake to let them back in before they are a bonnet ornament on a kenworth.
    Law enforcement is set to catch the worst but unfortunately a few of us get caught in the net as well.
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  7. Nothing to do with people driving 40 in an 80 zone though. People here are always on about the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and owning your own risks. Then when someone drives 40 in an 80 zone it's somehow not the fault of the driver, its the gubbermint. Does not compute.
  8. giving people licenses when they're too incompetent to operate a toaster.
    but it's ok, they drive slower than the speed limit so they're a safe driver
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  9. Yep, I had a good clear run at 900 and back around 1030

    Expecting a good run on a Sat arvo in summer I'm afraid you're kidding yourself

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  10. Travelling slow because you are a new driver is not an issue. Not using the slow vehicle turn outs on the Spur to allow others by definitely is an issue.
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  11. You know you guys should come on here and tell the po-po where you're going to be and what time you're going to be there, that should make their job of targeting you so much easier. They like to drop in on threads with BS, Reef, and GOR in the titles so they can keep an eye on how their operations are progressing.
  12. It's a pain in the arse to be sure, made worse by the fact the retards speed up on the straights making it impossible to pass them legally in the safest zones.

    However, some of us manage to get past rolling roadblocks just the same. With a little bit more experience, a metric buttload of thinking and a slightly bigger bike you will be able to as well.
  13. Ahh but it could be disinformation Chef, you know if we know that they know that we know that they know, then we know and they don't know what we know. Beside there are the secret threads they don't know about. The hidden cameras watching them, the network of paid informers etc.
  14. Well there's us, and then there's the cop bait. This is cop bait.
  15. As next weekend is an important date in motorcycling action, I would just like to say at this juncture that every motorcyclist I know will be racing along the GOR next Sunday 26Feb...

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  16. And the dickheads who sit 10-20 kmh under the limit then speed up when there's an overtaking lane. And nobody behind them will risk going 5 kmh over the limit to pass when it's perfectly safe (though perhaps not financially) to do so. I see it time and time again on the Princes Hwy - shits me to tears.
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  17. I rode the Spur from Healesville to Narbethong this Sunday night at 7pm. No cops, and only one other vehicle going my direction, and he kindly pulled over and let me pass.

    Lots of utes with trailbikes on their trays going the other direction, must have been returning to Melbourne after a good weekend. :p
  18. It's for exactly this reason why we avoid the Black Spur like the plague whenever we're down that way. Rather, we head up the Reefton, usually on our way to somewhere else.
  19. Its endemics everywhere,Macqure Pass was the same on Sunday.Kangaroo Valley was worse,plenty of places to pull over and look at the view but no,trundle along with 20 vehicles cued up behind.And my favourite,heading home through The Royal National Park.
    One cop car stopped with the cop having a smoke,another cruising the other way.And then anther 2 cars in front following a car doing 30 to 40kph in an 80k zone.This was kept up for 20 minutes till the cop passed them,planted it up the road.And then I see the cop heading back the other way.
    Go around a bend and discover my cop doing a U turn over double yellows,he is spinning around to follow what I thought was him but turned out to be another cop car.
    That made the grand total of 4 in 20ks.
    And I am still stuck behind the 40kph car,why they didn't get pulled for going that slow and put on the bag I have on idea.I would have been better off missing the Natho it was painful
  20. Tell me about it... ](*,) Guys the harrasment is bad enough up there as it is, dont advertise where/when you are riding in public posts. You may think you are OK "I do the limit, I wont get caught". Believe me, the cowards will be hiding in a dugout, in cammo, just waiting for you to be 2 k's over so thier mate 500m up the road can pull you over, sort you out with a ticket, and a defect notice for extra decoration.

    For those sick of the harrasment and slow limits, consider writing to the local MP up there explaining why you (and the 15 other guys that used to come with you) no longer go up there and spend your hard earnt in thier cafe's, resturants, and servos. The traders are doing it very tough up there at the moment, and are feeling the pinch of the reduced trade with people refusing to go up there anymore. They even ran a $50,000 prize fishing comp recently to try drag people back in!