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[Vic] Black Spur Run, Sunday 15th Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' started by enforcer, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. My friend and I have never been to the Black Spur but would like to on Sunday 15.01.2006

    Are there any riders that have been there previously that would like to go on Sunday 15.01.2006 as well as any first timers like myself? The more the merrier.


    Anyone who is going please pm me your contact telephone number and if the weather doesn't look good or something else happens I will call you on the Sat the day before the ride.


    Rider list so far, please pm me if I've put you in the incorrect category:

    1. Riders that have been there previously:
    StereoHead (Lilydale)
    StereoHead's Wife (Lilydale)
    AnotherMacca (Other)
    scootergal76 X2 maybe
    Z900 (Diamond Creek)
    Mizz ZZR (Diamond Creek)
    Kraven maybe (Lilydale)
    Tyler (Diamond Creek)
    Clifford Jones (Lilydale)

    2. Riders that haven't:
    StereoHead's friend on cbr (Lilydale)
    me (Diamond Creek)
    Cuong (don't know his Netrider nick) (Diamond Creek)
    undii (Lilydale)
    Phanoongy (Other)
    roughcactus maybe


    Confirmed Meet Point:
    Lilydale McDonalds
    Meet @ 10:30, Sunday
    38 F5/ G5 Maroondah Hwy cnr Deschamps rds, just past the main intersaection in town/ outbound

    Confirmed Meet Point:
    Diamond Creek McDonalds
    Meet @ 10:00, Sunday
    33 Main Hursbridge Road

    Diamond Creek and Lilydale groups will meet Ampol Servo out the east end of town. It's on the south side of the road. This may be @ 11:30 depending on how long it takes.

    Please post any other suggestions for meeting points.

    enforcer accepts NO responsibility for any and all random acts of stupidity or violence committed by losers who may blame me and/or sugary snack foods for causing their inherent basic lack of control. You're on your own. Thank you and good night.
  2. I dont want to go leader, but I am happy to be tail end... Or if no one else wants to lead I will lead...

    I would suggest... Meet at Diamond Creek McDonalds... Go to healsville via King Lake...

    Then to Mary'sville for lunch

    then back to healsville and home...
  3. I'm from the western 'burbs so I'll be happy to meet any other riders from the west before meeting up at other points.
  4. yep, ill be up for it, keep us posted for meet up spots and such and ill keep the day free.

    Im still a spur virgin myself :)
  5. I was looking at doing spur runs on Sunday morning/early arvo. My plan was going to be doing Pakenham - Woori - Warby - Reefton - Marysville, so I might meet you mob at Marysville for lunch then ride back over the Black Spur to Healesville with you.

    Enforcer - I'll PM you my number..
  6. Currently there are five people that maybe going depending on the weather...any other riders up for it please post.

    Also more experienced riders that have been to the spur required.
  7. Looks like I can make it. Haven't been this way either myself.

    2 group rides in 2 successive weekends for me? 2006 is looking good! :)
  8. Yeah i am a possible
  9. Wouldn't mind heading up but can't this weekend :cry: But to any of you guys who haven't been there before, with the rain we've had (and will continue to get) be careful cos the road can stay wet up through there longer than you would expect after it has rained. Finding random wet patches (ahem) round blind corners isn't the end of the world, but it's best kept in mind up there.

    have fun guys :grin:
  10. cool. Hope the weather stays to the forecast then

    Fine. Min 15 Max 24

    Fine. Min 13 Max 24

    Trend for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

    Fine. Warm to hot.
  11. is this going to be a learner friendly ride..?? :)

    put me down as a maybe..
  12. Thank for the post stinkfinger.

    I've never been to the spur and I'm a reasonable new rider so yes it will be a learner friendly ride...before we head out we'll decide on some meet points at certain times in case anyone gets lost.
  13. If I go, my wife will be coming too, she is a fairly new rider...
  14. im getting new rubber under my beast this friday so i may have to come along to this
  15. I am interested but not confirm yet. Put me as a Maybe x2 pls.

    So which route would you guys go to ride on to Black Spur, last time I start from Maroodah Hwy to Healesvill then Marysvill.
  16. If you havent been there before; be careful out there.

  17. But depends on whats your experience as a Learner rider. I dont really recommand to go through Mt Baw Baw for Learner, big chance to have at least one rider fall off on that route.

    If you guys after a comfortable learner friendly ride, I suggest to pick somewhere else but still with some windy roads.
  18. Up to you but I wouldnt go there if I was a learner.. no way!

    Not if youre not used to riding with so many other bikes on the road,
    bikes flying past you on a corner etc. Make sure you can ride in a
    straight line bc if U dont, its very possible U'll knock someone over or
    cause an accident of some sort.

  19. very true, i dont really recommand learner go there. Better do thing step by step, dont learn how to run before you learn how to walk.
  20. The Spurs are fine for learners. Just take it easy and let the faster/experienced guys go first. Also try to stay well within yourself, dont go racing other noobs thru there just yet.