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[VIC] Black Spur (Road Condition Reports)

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Just a heads up if you are heading up to the Black Spur, heading from Fernshaw picnic ground towards Healesville they have been doing some roadworks, no gravel but they have just patched it up so the bike can get nervous on the ridges around the repair. Other than that 35kph hairpins heading towards Narbethong are getting pretty chopped up and corrugated. It's not really bad but considering how good the surface used to be it's something to be wary of.

    I have ridden this road often over the years and this is the worst condition I have seen, It was safer when it was well maintained and had the 100kph limit.

  2. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    But now it is an enforced 80kmh they don't have to worry, do they? Sad really, I remember it as just an awesome road.
  3. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    i thought it was really good a few weeks ago when i went up
    they resurfaced all those hairpins that use to freak me out with bumps everywhere
  4. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    ^ What he said
  5. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Did Reefton & Black today. Reefton was awesome, Black was on the return leg and there was too much slow traffic to test it out but the surface looked ok.
  6. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Did both spurs today and thought they were both really good...
    We came Black Spur towards Healesville and yes they have done some work but I and group I was with had no issues with it that way...

    In fact, two/three of those left handers about a k or two in from Narbathon have been resurfaced and are what you say perfect...

    Second half of the B Spur was totally destroyed not by the surface, nor the 4 cars and a boat trailer ahead of us but 5 motorcycles further ahead going unbelievably slow..
    How slow? Well don't think I got over 30kph until we got to Healesville and the one most pissed was the car with the boat trailer..lol
    In Healesville we passed these guys turning right into Myers Creek Rd and did notice a couple of L plates so good on them for trying I suppose.

    But F&ck it was frustrating!

    They do have a slow vehicle lane turn off there for a good reason if by any chance one of those is reading this and yes if you're on a bike doing 30kph thru there YOU QUALIFY... grrrrrr
  7. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Ever heard of downgearing and cracking the throttle to overtake? Grow some balls. How dare you let a cager or rider effect your run on the spur, bloody amateurish!

  8. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Maetrik, when I commit to riding with a group, I do that.....
    By the way, I got balls but choose and KNOW WHEN to use them thanks!
  9. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Yeah they have done a really good job resurfacing the spur. Thank god. They tend to do such sh1t jobs on roads these days
  10. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    What, so if you ride 500m ahead of said group you're no longer part of the group?

    My original statement stands.
  11. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    When you ride with a club, you play by the club rules...
    No one passes ride leader and not one falls behind ride tail...
    If you don't, then you f&ck off and do your own thing..
    Overall this group has many awesome riders I love riding with so I do the team thing.

    Get it!

    Now FFS, keep this thread on track and keep your opinions about my riding out of it..
  12. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Isn't the BS single or double line all the way now?
  13. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Well it was, but since they brought in the the single line rule here in VIC, they've changed a couple of places to broken lines but other than that, it's basically a no overtaking stretch most of the way..

    Having said that, there are still many places you can overtake which me and many others do if the opportunity is right depending how saturated and spread out the traffic is and most importantly, you know which sections the popo don't monitor.
    But this time of the year it's heavily monitored particularly on weekends so you overtake at your own risk of getting caught as they hide in trees, then radio ahead for a cop to pull you over...

  14. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    I thought as much.
  15. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Seems to be a lot of wankers on brand new high powered bikes not wanting to scratch them/not knowing their limits up that way at the moment, did black spur and reefton a few weeks back and even i got waved on by a couple of riders and im only on Ls and dont go all that hard.... was quite happy to sit behind them until they slowed up from 80, to 60, to 50 on what looked like a couple of R1s :/
  16. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Last post im referring to Reefton spur in between marysville and warburton where its rather thin and nice and windy, i love that road but im not going nuts overtaking everything in sight around blind corners....
  17. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    how are they wankers? pretty sure 99% of people on R1's dont know their limits, maybe they were just going for a cruise and had some clown on their ass so they waved u by? do u ever stop whinging?
  18. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Well if half the speed limit is on a cruise then fair enough. And no i dont. Get used to it.
  19. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    Previous post is for your benefit tosspot. Forgot to quote you.
  20. Re: Black Spur 4/12/11

    u said they were going 80 then slowed down to 50 to wave u on..

    then in your next post you say you dont want to go crazy overtaking so shouldnt you be happy they slowed down to let you pass easily???