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[Vic] Black Spur Operations

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Donuts, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. (from http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/more-news/3386-police-target-black-spur-black-spot.html )

    Mostly a heads up because of the overtaking on double lines (since the whole road is, even in spots where it's 'OK' for us)... and to have a bit of a laugh at the 2 guys on the R1s who they didn't quite manage to catch up with :angel:

  2. With this number of people exceeding the speed limit... doesn't it imply that the speed limit is too low? ...or that it is generally safe to exceed the speed limit?

  3. How dare you speak such blasphemy.
    Keep that behaviour up and you will be excommunicated from the state.
  4. Are you are questioning the social engineers of our nation? 8-[ :LOL:
  5. 1yr ago it was safe at 100, then they did all the safety barrier up grades and it made it less safe so they reduced the limit to 80......it's crazy that 30 years ago it was safer then it is today :-s
  6. Are you daring to questioning the Finance Department's Budget Strategy?

    So, it is now illegal to exceed 45kph???
    (I wish it was just a misprint, but I fear it is a policy leak...)

    Also, wouldn't that be overtaking on an unbroken single line? Or have they repainted?
  7. That would be funny if it wasn't actually a possibility :LOL:

    Nup, still single. All a part of their cunning plan my lord.
  8. Has anyone ever seen a booze bus on the black spur or in Boozeville?
  9. hahaah, nice speeds :D

    and no, i have never seen one of those :p
  10. Hilarious mate - crap like that is why the cops are there in the first place, giving people grief for 10k's over.
  11. i've simply stopped riding up there. i'll spend my time, and money, in less policed areas.
  12. I think titus was talking about what was in the OP.

    It mentions double lines, not single lines which is most/all of the spur etc.
  13. No it isn't, meeting the budget projections for revenue from speeding fines is why mate.

    Not sure, but maybe they're enforced under the same law? Otherwise I figure there'd be two seperate figures (maybe technically they are, but for press releases they just generalise it)
  14. there is a short section of double lines at Dom Dom saddle. there are also some before the lookout as you're heading in, which is where they set up for lic/reg checks.
  15. Yes, the road is clearly safe at 196 km/h
  16. Must be if the R1 in question 'got away' safely without crashing (Just going on from the data of the study group of 1 which was mentioned in the OP of how many was doing 196 km/h). I wouldn't say the speed limit should be 196/200 km/h but maybe the not too long ago speed limit of 100km/h reduced to 80 km/h is a good reason lots of bikes were detected at 'great speed' because the mentality that one must "must make up time" when able to because they remember the 100km/h speed limit and usual time taken to do spurs is a personal incentive for them to do A to B in the usual time they do. So with 80km/h limit, they may be slowed down more than usual so hence do a greater speed to make up for the time 'lost'.

    As said, I don't condone the huge speed, just trying to state a reason why so many bikes were detected at a high speed. Of course, speed limits are always for lowest common denominator so the people who can handle a greater speed and thus may ride at this greater speed because it's their normal feel of riding will usually be caught speeding at these 'stings'. Best thing, get a heap of track days done, no police, greater speed, no 'bad' traffic, and predictable road/track to ride their bike at this greater speed than the imposed speed limit on the roads they ride on.
  17. I was talking about the *number of people exceeding the "speed limit"*, not the few extreme examples - which will always happen no matter what you set the speed limit at.

    Of course you knew that...

  18. From what I've read on other forums, their speed was detected on a fairly long straight section commonly used to pass cars. 196km/h on a straight is hardly putting the worlds kitten population at risk.
  19. If anyone saw it, they had the video of the 196kph "offences" on Ch 9 news last night.

    The officer was clucking like a turkey about "196! 196!!!". The video just showed a couple of bikes overtaking cars reasonably safely, and if you had the audio turned off and didn't hear the speed, it didn't look abnormal, or dangerous. Just a couple of guys overtaking some cars.

    ..but "Oh noes! 196!!"