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[Vic] Black spur limited to 80kmh - when does it start?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Loz, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. I'd like to get up there for a goodbye fang... Anybody know when this stupid piece of shit limit kicks in?

  2. Its ok Loz, you can come for a "fang" up my driveway anytime :p :LOL:
  3. All I know is:

    [VIC the Spurs]: Yarra Valley police adopt covert tactics

  4. Don't post if your information has nothing to do with Q
    asked in OP.

    Correct thread is HERE.
  5. :shock:

    Well, gee, I thought it was really appropriate, being to do with
    - the spurs
    - the speed limit
    - the OP's desire to not get harassed for travelling
    at a safe reasonable pace
    How come you aren't harassing VTRbob for being friendly?
    Oh that's right, VTRbob's a moderator ... :LOL:
    Well guess what MG, you and me both ain't moderators so we can
    ignore each other with impunity :grin:
  6. Read: Mr Pallas said the only thing we need to do is drop the speed limit - costs nothing and looks like I'm doing something.

    "Recent community consultation (two old guys) showed 70% of people in the area said good, drop the speed limit, i hate those f*cken motorcyclists."
  7. How about travelling at a safe ane LEGAL pace? Those who ride the spurs in the manner mentioned are the reason the operation is now on going.

    Over 75% of motorcyle fatalities not at intersections occur on left hand bends - monash accident research centre - owing to riders coming in too hot and crossing to the wrong side of the road and.......BANG.

    If you want to go nuts, do a track day.
  8. Yes, agree, OP was just trying to find out what the legal pace currently
    is so that we all can decide whether to
    - go there and have an enjoyable ride, at a safe reasonable
    and LEGAL pace at 100km/h where conditions allow, or
    - if we will be restricted by new lower limits to speeds that
    are uncomfortable, back-aching, wrist-paining, finger-numbing on
    a semi-sport or sports-style bike.

    its about choosing location i.e. do we go to the spur if it is still 100kmh,
    or do we go to somewhere else where we can safely and legally
    travel at 100km/h where the bike and rider are more comfortable?

    If you don't think there is a big comfort difference between 80km/h and
    100km/h, then you haven't ridden my bike with my body.
  9. Ok Hubie, I'll encourage every motorcyclist I know to ride the 35km/h posted sweepers at the posted speed limit... 100km/h. :cool:

    And I'll automatically bin myself when I stray over the posted limit by 1km/h in a straight line because I'll have been riding/driving in an unsafe manner.

    Legal speed limits reflect a lot of things, safety is but only one of them.

    Yeh fine, the law is the law, but you seriously can't be mixing legal speed with safe speed in your mind can you? :eek:hno: Can you???

    On the broader point of road users riding/driving these roads in an unsafe manner, that's fair enough, however it's a LOOOOOOONG MUARC bow to draw that riders who drift over the line on LH bends did so because of speeding as the sole cause (what speed by the way, above the limit? inappropriate for the corner? Inappropriate for their skill level???). Is there a part of the MUARC reports that breaks down rider crashes by experience for example?? Or fatigue? :-k
  10. And - did you look at the date that it was published :LOL: :?:

    April Fool :?: :?:

    But, all that said - so what, they will catch a few fools pushing their limits on the spur? Thing is - will it really reduce the number of fools pushing their limits? IMHO - I don't think so :(
  11. I don't think so


    DATE: Friday, March 28, 2008
  12. What's NOT mentioned is that all this work is actually being paid for out of the motorcycle levy... :?

    The Minister might at least have stated that motorcyclists are paying for all this work themselves... :evil:
  13. Are they the wire rope type? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. They are supposed to be double Armco - same as used on the GOR which means all the posts are covered.
  15. Poor Victorians. It could be worse, they could of made it 60km/h :p *thinks of old pacific highway*
    I havent ridden it, but being in NSW, Im used to any vaguely windy rd having a speed limit of 80 or under.
  16. The 100kph limit is safe. Why change it to 80? The answer is purely to encourage people to exceed it on the straights and collect the revenue. :wink: Most of the accidents are happening on bends at less speed than that anyway. Maybe the limit should be 40???
    Monash cash for comment researsh centre is very good at proving whatever the government pays them to prove. You should be fully aware as a rider yourself that coming in too hot is not the only reason bikes fall over. Diesel and gravel on the road, wet surfaces or bark/debris are far more likely causes. FFS, even when excessive speed is the problem, it's more often over confident riders pushing beyond their abilities, yet well below speed limits.

    You know as well as I do that an 80 limit will not make the place safer. Those who break the 100 limit will continue to do so because they don't give a shit. More normally law abiding riders will unintentionally speed because they focus on the road instead of the speedo at a safe pace, over confident riders will continue to ignore thier own ability levels and cars will continue to run wide on corners, killing riders in the process then blame them for the stack when the cops turn up.
  17. So... ah, does anybody know when the new piece of shit limit kicks in?
  18. Nup, and I doubt we'll be told. It'd be silly of them to go to the trouble of quietly changing the signs and setting up a camera only to ruin their sting by telling us about it. I'm up for a fang though. :)
  19. There are other roads, Loz. Perhaps we should take up VTRBob on his offer to come up and ride "The Driveway". I'm up for it. Are you?
  20. According to the local area newspaper, the 80kph limit will be introduced in mid-late May of this year (2008). There would seem to be 3-4 weeks left, at best.

    The report goes on to say, as always, the police will be hiding in the bushes extensively thereafter to "enforce" the new speed limit to protect everyone from themselves.

    Needless to say, what used to be perfectly fine at 100kph before, will now be "dangerous, idiotic and hoon" behavior. :roll: It is quite likely that law enforcement efforts will be focused on any straighter section where overtaking is easily possible in an effort to force everyone to stay behind the slowest vehicle traversing the length of the Spur, even if that means adding 15 minutes to your trip, because it'd be unlikely that you could safely complete an overtaking maneuver without exceeding 80kph. Talking to locals who have been pinged in the recent operations, the camo scabs have been showing absolutely no discretion for even termporarily exceeding the speed-limit while overtaking in a downhill direction.

    The local community must be so happy about it too. Apparently the local community police were dead set against the speed limit drop, as well as the local businesses and many locals who rely on the Spur as their main thoroughfare, but in this day and age of everything being brought to the lowest common denominator, expect the state government to merrily "enforce" their cash reserves.

    As is typical government policy. The road repairs and road safety initiatives are scheduled to take place after the speed limit drop, which will actually do a LOT more safety in the area than the reduced speed limit ever will, but of course this won't stop them from crowing about how reducing speed limits that were never a problem before saves lives.