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[VIC] Black Spur hot again

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Maetrik, May 20, 2011.

  1. Hit the Black spur today, swarming with the 5-0. Not in bushes or anything just patrol cars. I saw one light up a bike that just went past me as i was exceeding 80km/h, he looked like he hit the anchors to turn around and follow me. Didn't see him though so musn't have in the end.

    Just be wary, i imagine they'll be out there tomorrow, not Sunday as its predicted to rain but tomorrow i'd be doing some recon runs before hitting it hard.
  2. Why would you spend so much on the Black Spur??? That would just be silly these days. Spend your money elsewhere.
  3. Thought i'd be right today to be honest, and it was exiting a corner where cops could not radar, i was just unlucky enough one was coming the other way. Normally i stick to 0.90c or so on the straights.
  4. You know, maybe you should edit your post to.....well, blank, for example.
  5. True true.
  6. You should always only spend $0.80 on the Black Spur. Just spend that much on each and every corner, and it is still at least bearable. . . if you don't get stuck behind all the people doing 20 km/h all the way, while never, ever pulling over into the slow vehicle turn outs.

    While there is little choice but to use it to get to Marysville to spend some money and support them in their recovery, it isn't a good road to use for anything else any more.
  7. Yeah true, i actually had a dream last night they put bloody traffic islands on the corners, i was shattered lol!
  8. That's not a dream, that's a nightmare!
  9. LOL, true!

  10. I know what you're trying to say mate, and I'm not inclined to be caught spending more than I can afford. We should still be the final judge of value for our own sakes, but adding to the coffers doesn't help us.
    Use the Black Spur even when it's not worth it, maybe to get to somewhere else, just to show them that they cannot force us off it.
  11. Not just the Spur: Macedon Ranges is being tormented again today. HP pulling over everyone on their way home from coffee morning in Gisborne, PITA quite frankly :(
  12. coffee in gisborne and i was not invited! I needed the break as well :( Yeah there was an unmarked BMW doing the sunbury/clarkefield/riddells loop today, saw him 4 times.
  13. Unmarked BMW's? WTF. Are we talking bikes or cars?
  14. seen a few dark blue bmw k models, might be using some grey ones as well:(
  15. grey, I have seen a red one aswell as the dark blue, and white one.
  16. Regular Macedon Ranges Ulysses meet at the Jolly Miller ;)

    Our stop and search was an unmarked car, but VicPol have 4 unmarked K1200GT's. Not that it helps me, see my avatar :)
  17. I still have heaps of fun on the spur just riding at 'the pace' at 80 the whole way... I think its still one of the sexiest roads that I have ridden around melbs.
    Never even think about speeding around there, there is heat there EVERY day rain hail or shine, so the straight aways can be a bit boring and you really have to keep control of your right hand but once it tightens up you'll be pushing to get to .80 on most of those corners anyway...

    Will always hold a special place in my heart, and even if your just passing through its a pretty awesome experience cruising through those massive tree's and valleys, thats something that slow ass trucks or police cant take away from me :)
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  18. QFT, riding the pace at the Spur is the way to go. It's still heaps of good old fashioned fun and entirely legal should you not exceed the number in the red circle.
    That being said it still won't relieve you of any responsibility to ensure you have the requisite plastics hanging off the back of your ducktail :)
  19. Whilst i agree, there are definitely riders on here who can exceed 80km/h around the corners i can assure you. \\:D/
  20. (y)