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[VIC] Black Spur Blitz 20/11/11

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Maetrik, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Did anyone get stopped up there today.

    As i was rolling into Healesville there was an illumniated billboard just before after the supermarket advertising a "Motorcycle Safety Event 9am-2pm".

    Sure enough as i round the bend to get to the bakery, there are cops everywhere, 5 squad cars, pig bikes and a few tents set up.

    Every bike that went past was herded into the car park and had their details recorded such as Age, Bike capacity, casual or frequent rider, casual or frequent in the yarra ranges, number of crashes, what licence type and post code. Im fairly sure the survey was being conducted by HART, i just had to laugh though at how they needed 25 police offices to ensure we all gave our information, instead of it being voluntary.

    As i was leaving, i was harassed by 3 bike cops at the fact i didn't have gloves on (i lost them 3 weeks ago, don't have the money atm to get more). I told them this, despite having all my other gear on they stood there and responded with "they're the easiest piece of gear to put on", and "i don't care if you lost 'em mate, buy some more or lose a finger".

    So basically their attempt at gaining intel for the summer has made me despise the pigs up in the Yarra Ranges even more than i did beforehand.
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    I hope your a answers were 'no comment'
  3. I wasn't being interrogated, i respect what HART do so i was happy to give my answers, and a "no comment" would have probably resulted in me being taken to the side, taken off my bike and had it run over with a fine tooth comb by the pigs, that attention i didn't need.

    My answers to the cops were just stares and silence.
  4. This is what I object to. If you're doing nothing wrong, why should you fear not giving them the answers they want? Surely if it's a survey it should be totally voluntary. Frankly, it's none of their business.

    I'm as happy as anyone for stop and a licence check if they're stopping every road user and it's not one licence group. But we don't live in a police state and shouldn't need to fear the police or the powers they have. I know they're doing their job and their job isn't always a pleasant one, but the last time I checked the police are employed by the community to provide a safe, secure environment and enforce the laws of the state and land. Not to give out safety lectures or decide unilaterally that you've failed an 'attitude test' and deserve special treatment.
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  5. It was a Motorcycle Safety Day organised by the Yarra Ranges Council in partnership with Roadsafe Eastern Metro. I was busy elsewhere and unable to attend, but I wasn't aware that bikes would be directed into the area regardless: sounds a bit OTT?
  6. I was there today with my family in the car and had a chat to a couple of riders and a cop...
    Yeah run by heart but amazing they were using cops to get nearly every bike passing to detour into the beechworth bakery car park...

    Also stood near a few cops chatting while watching bikes enter and depart discussing obvious defects like fenders but I didn't notice them actually do anything about it while I was there..
    Another thing that was amusing was watching riders (with aftermarket pipes) nearly stall their bikes trying to keep then as quiet as they could when departing..
    Shouldn't laugh but a couple of riders were quite funny doing this as it was so obvious..lol

    One of the riders didn't mind the free coffee voucher they were handing out for the inconvenience...

    Interesting to see what if anything comes out of this...
  7. I was stopped too. Frankly didn't mind supplying them the 'intel'. The part that disturbs me is the use of law enforcement for a survey? Why would you have a copper direct bikes to pull over? Sure they asked by consent for the survey but it isn't right.

    Imagine a workplace survey being handed to you in your office by a constable?
  8. The sooner riders stop bending over for these pricks the sooner they'll stop getting butt fucked by them. I doubt that's ever going to happen though.
  9. +1. That is just totally outrageous.
  10. I reckon a complaint to HART may be in order about the use of police to herd riders in for a friggin survey.
    HART need to be made accountable for this outrage, is it any wonder riders are not going to go to marysville if this continues?
    I've boycotted the spurs for this reason.
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    Since when is the Police puppets for HART.....just not the way it is suppose to work
  12. more like HART are becoming puppets for the filth
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  13. Roafsafe seem like they just did themselves a major disservice. Fancy corralling motorcyclists like that to gather intel. What a joke. What did the day achieve with respect to safety?

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  14. smee was right in the other thread about mercenaries.

    Victoria Police must now be for hire.
  15. I'm still amazed at how the police were used in this way...
    There's got to be some ethical breach in the use of the police just for some research...

    Riders coming around a corner and seeing two cops telling them to pull over with 2-3 patrol cars parked along side them like they're ready to pursuit if they don't stop will obviously follow police directions in such a set up..
    But then to find it's only a survey?????

    FFS, free coffee or not, I believe it's worthy to question this in public arena whether it's correct use of an enforcement agency...
    Just as much as those cops hiding on a bend scaring the crap out of riders on the reefton spur was...
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  16. That sounds like it might be a good topic to leak to the rumour file.
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  17. Sounds like there was some perceived pressure to provide answers, can't say I would have had the instinct to do it at the time, but if it occurs to me any time in the future, I would ask questions to gauge what they are trying to achieve & either answer or refuse to based on what they say..

    It seems the manner of how they were running this so called operation is dubious, I reckon if they just talked to people who were stopping anyway, and offered a free coffee voucher, they would have probably got plenty of responses...
  18. If anyone was there and would like to pm me their details I will pass it on to a herald sun reporter and they might be interested in getting back to you, also make sure how this ongoing harrassment is affecting tourism in the area etc.
  19. Can someone who was there clear this up for me? Heli's post indicates the operation was conceived by Yarra Ranges Shire and Roadsafe Eastern Metro, and presumably run by VP. This contradicts OPs uncertain suggestion that it was HART (Honda Australia Rider Training, unless there's another one). Is this simply an error (understandable), and/or were HART there? In what capacity?

    Were VP pulling rider into the carpark off the roadway, or corralling them after they entered the carpark? Did police do all the work, or someone else? Details recorded by who? VP, HART or Roadsafe? Was there any choice given, or were you simply expected to answer questions?

    Lastly, any evidence of infringements issued? (it sounds like not from what I've read).