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[VIC] Black Night Rally, Fri Sep 22nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jeremy Iles

    QL-Club Presents the 22nd Black Night Rally.
    22nd - 24th September
    Is to be held again at Goorambat - Railway Hotel. Situated approx 15kms north of Benalla. Fully catered, Alcohol at Normal Bar and Takeaway prices. Band Saturday Night. Firewood supp...

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  2. Is there a link to a website with a bit more info about this event? Doesn't really explain what it is :(
  3. always a great weekend at black night!!!!!!
    only one weekend to go!!!
    motorcycles,booze and women.
    do you need much else???
  4. bikes booze and boobs.sounds good enough to me.
  5. Will see you all there! One happy family! :LOL: :grin: :p :!:
  6. Stalking again I see :roll:
  7. yeah can anyone explain this one a little more?
  8. It's a bike rally.

    You arrive at the site.
    You set up your tent.
    You drink lots and lots.
    You fall over in the mud.
    You fall asleep in the mud.
    You wake up the next morning.
    You pack up the tent that you didn't sleep in.
    You head home again.

    There you have it. A bike rally.