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[VIC] Bikers without family Lunch, Sun Dec 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: eswen

    For those who arent spending xmas with their family, come down to Northland on xmas eve for lunch with Netriders.

    Casa Bella Cafe (next to nandos) Northland - main/cinemas enterence
    1 pm
    Booking under Netrider

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  2. Coming:

    eswen - no gift
    Johnny O - no gift
    egiste - gift
    TruCallin - no gift
    FALCON-LORD - gift
    Grunge - no gift
    carver - no gift
    vapor lock - no gift
    Han - no gift

    still 1 spots left before i would have to try to get a bigger booking!

    (booking under netrider)
  3. Spending christmas day with the family but l'm free on Christmas Eve so put me down as coming.
  4. I have things on in the evening. so would have to make a move by 3:30, but would love to join you guys for lunch.

    do people want to throw $10 at a present each, throw em in a basket when you arive and then all pick a random one out?
  5. no worries! ill see you both there. Im going to make a decision on gifts/no gifts on thursday when people have rsvp'd.
    how do those who are coming feel about gifts?

    also depending on the weather, might do a ride before lunch :)
  6. I'm in!!!!

    We could KK the gifts or something... :]
  7. cool :) so far kk sounds popular, ill let everyone know on thursday :)
  8. I don't wanna do gifts...... hell that's one reason I don't do Christmas. No disrespect, I just don't like social pressure to tell me when I have to give someone a gift.
  9. thats easy, no one has to give a gift unless they voulenteer :)
  10. No disrespect taken here, Johnny O. :)
    I'm kewl to take out that social pressure too, helps my hip pocket, especially when I've had to repair both my bike and car from crashes.
    I know I never was one for giving/getting pressies myself, until about last year...
  11. would like to join you guys for lunch,
    and a ride if applicable.

    prefer to opt out of gifts.
    (as i am cheap and nasty)
  12. cool :) thats 7 people, and it looks like jas and mark will be giving a gift to each other ;)
  13. HEy es,

    I've also got Han in on the lunch, no gift. :]
  14. My Presence will be my present

    Count me in...but someone remind me so I dont forget

    HO HO HO...

    Whom am I talking about?
  15. cool :) still one spot left, sounds like its going to be a fun group :grin:
  16. whos interested in a ride before lunch? meet around 10am not sure of any other details. Its supposed to be clear of rain and 19 degrees tomorrow.
    if you want to join us, pm me a mobile number so i can sms you details tonight.
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