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[VIC] BikeMart Shopping Night, Wed Sep 5th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper

    Bike Mart Shopping Night

    Just in time to get your new gear for the MotoGP weekend and get in early for the warmer weather.
    BikeMart are opening their doors after hours for all Netriders and also offering a further discount.

    Date: Wednesday 5th S...

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  2. If anyone is after a particular item then I suggest you give them a call to see if they have it in stock, otherwise they are happy to order in stuff.
    They also have layby so if you want to purchase some of the bigger more expensive items for MotoGp, you will have 5 weeks to pay it off ;)
    See you all there, even if it's just to have a catch up.
  3. do you have to be a paid netrider member or can any one just rock up? probably going to buy some leathers then
  4. It's a members shopping night.
    That's why we have the discount partners.
  5. i cant say much cause im not a member either.

    but for a $10 joining fee u could potentially save a lot more that this on this shopping spree nite.
  6. Damn,

    I would have put a set of leathers on laybuy, but I'm busy that night going to a school concert.
  7. What was that again ........ :p

    This is well worth going to folks - lots of bargains & friendly, helpful staff :grin:
  8. +1 Black Betty!

    Even though I don't have any gear needs right now, I wanna go anyway!! LOL

    Go for the cabana if not the friendly staff and generous discount!

    Kudos to the guys at bikemart :)

  9. Hmm, I can see my thumb in my summer gloves, and my rossis are starting to get nice holes in them... may see you there. :p

    (Damn, will have to draw from the savings to pay that speeding fine...)
  10. YAY!... Ventura Rack for me :grin:
  11. woohoo another shopping night and looking forward to it.....will see you all there :cool:
  12. well the posty had better hurry up with my tax return then!

    i need a jacket and Mrs Drew needs boots... :grin:
  13. Hoorah!

    Great timing! Mrs Butz also needs boots, and I'm sure I'll find something I need. :LOL:

    Butz. :beer:
  14. I might be up for this... tax dollars are in and I need one of everything :grin:

    Plus, I love free nibbles :wink:
  15. so it needs to be in stock on the night? or can i rock up, ask for a ventura rack for my VTR, and put it on layby even if they need to order it in?
  16. You can place orders for certain items on the night and put them on layby and still get the discount. I was more referring to people who wanted to pay in full for certain items and take them home that night.
  17. Kewl! :grin:
    Have a list of gear to get. Was planning to checkout Expo '07, but rekon I might get some good deals here too.
  18. Me needs gloves, but probably can't make it on a Wednesday night.

    Heffa: I will be in touch if I turn out to be able to make it.
  19. Just reminding everyone not to spend all your $$$$ this weekend so you have some left to buy some goodies on Wednesday night ;)
  20. Good call Deb.. :grin: