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[VIC] BikeMart Shopping Night, Wed Feb 28th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper aka Deb

    Bike Mart Shopping Night

    Just in time to get your new gear for the Superbikes weekend and get in early for the colder weather.
    BikeMart are opening their doors after hours for all Netriders and also offering a further discount.

    Date: Wednesday 2...

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  2. ooooooh and i need some new gear too.
  3. So do I, but alas, all spare change is going to the engagement/wedding fund ;)
    Will have to stick to the 2 pairs of Draggins that dave and i ordered last week and the replacement helmet for Dave from his off :grin:
  4. yep weddings cost $$$

    i need another winter jacket and some soft paniers.......and a screen
  5. For screens and more specific items, can i suggest you give them a call to see if they have it in stock. That way, if they haven't got it, they may be able to order it in before the night.
    Their number is 9879 5822.
  6. You Bewdy I have been delibrately staying away from bikemart in the hope that one of these nights was coming up. \:D/ Now it's time to spend spend spend :grin:
  7. You could have a bikemart registry :wink: :wink:

    I should be there, need to do some shopping before heading off on my big trip...
  8. Just a reminder to everyone, this is on

  9. I will finally have a new pair of Draggins to wear down to the supers.....
    and a new helmet as well.
    \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ :dance: :dance: :dance: :biker:
  10. You back on 2 wheels mate?
    I'm not allowed to come and spend my money cos it's the wifeys b'day. :evil:
    And no, she does not consider bike bling to be a valid present. (i asked)

  11. Nah, still aint got a bike yet, but will be riding the SV down to the Island on Friday. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I am sure you can persuade her Steve. :cool:
  12. yeeha
    just in time :LOL:
  13. bikemart or spurger? is it possible I can do both....?
  14. And meanwhile Rhea and I will be heading down in the Vitara but at least I will be able to wear my new Draggins :grin:

    Steve, I don't think it's worth your while to try and persuade Yoland, not on her birthday anyway ;)
    Plus, Stef is looking forward to her 2nd babysitting stint :grin:

    Tonight tonight tonight, it's bikemart night tonight.
    Lets make it worth the staffs while and get a crowd down there, even if it's for a catch up and a free coffee :grin:
  15. I finish wok at 7pm these days but I'll be there as soon as I can. need some parts. :)
  16. I'll be there.

    Could anyone thats been there give me some idea of exactly where it is. I know where the ice skating rink is and train station so in relation to either of them would be great.

  17. Bike Mart is on Maroondah Hwy. It is down the hill heading towards the city from the Train Station. If you look for the Autobarn store it is that group of shops.
  18. A disappointing turn out tonight :(
    Thanx to those who did turn up and I hope you got a bargain, I know Dave and did :grin: We picked up a pair of draggins each and a new helmet for Dave.
    Congrats to those who won the raffles. Mithel, you can pick up a t-shirt at Bikemart next time you call in and Seany, I have a tank bag for you (even tho you left without saying bye :p
    Thanx again to those who turned up :)
  19. Man, serioulsy, one day, one day, I'm actually going to be able to get there :(

    Had to pick up my uniform and credentials for the F1 this evening :grin:

    Pit lane, here I come :grin:
  20. :woot: I'll have to pick it up 2morrow from you maybe. :grin: Thanks Deb. :)
    Sorry, you weren't out the front where you were when I last saw you and I didn't wan't to go back inside unless I bought more stuff. :shock: :LOL: