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[VIC] BikeMart Shopping Night, Wed Aug 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper

    BikeMart are opening their doors after hours for all Netriders and also offering a further discount.
    5 weeks before the MotoGp is just enough time to get those bigger purchases paid of in time.

    Date: Wednesday 27th August
    Time: 7pm - 9pm

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  2. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :dance: :woot: :dance: :woot: :dance: :woot:
  3. I went there yesterday to pick up a new chain and sprockets and noticed they have a bit of new stock. Gotta start saving :grin:
  4. Damn .. I should've waited, was there twice this week to get some new gear :roll:
  5. Here's a tip.....
    Next time remember that I always book the shopping nights about 6 weeks before both the Superbikes and MotoGP. :wink:
  6. Hmmmmm...... might have to wait to buy new boots and draggins.
  7. I'll be there, looking for a new lid :grin:
  8. I had to get a new battery yesterday, so I went to bikemart (for the 20th time!) and I got a lurvley 10% off and Max was great.

    +1 for these guys. I will be telling my mates about this night, and that they need to sign up and pay up. $10 membership is cancelled out by the first purchase.
  9. Absolutely, you will easily get your $10 membership fee back at one of these nights. In the off chance they don't have their membership pack by the shopping, just come and speak to me on the night. :)
  10. Damn. I need some warm stuff for the Icicle ride and was going there on Monday.
  11. You will still get a 10% netrider membership discount. However, on the shopping nights, you get a further discount plus lots of other items are marked down only for that night.
  12. Excellent!! Thought it should be coming up soon. Got my license a couple of months back but still need gear and something to ride!!
    I need to get the full kit. See you all there.
  13. i have been wanting to be a netrider member for a while but dont have a credit card, so how can i apply so i get more discount?
    also do they sell spare parts or is it just accessories? im looking at buying some exhausts...
    and i have never been to this place before, is it a massive warehouse? and do i need to get there right on 7 to make sure they dont sell out on stuff or do they have heaps of gear?
  14. Send Vic a PM, he will sort your membership out and he lives round the corner from you.
    Bikemart is a motorbike accessories shop in Ringwood. They sell parts, bike gear and lots of other stuff. They have a website here http://www.bikemart.net.au/
    If you are after certain parts, I suggest you give them a call and see if they have it in stock, otherwise they should be able to order it in for you so you can pick it up on the night. Failing that, you can order items on the night and even tho they might not have the item in stock, you will still get your 15% discount.
  15. thanks heaps... i will send vic a pm right away...
  16. 4 weeks of saving to go and 4 weeks for me to decided what I 'need' ;)
  17. If you've paid but not yet recieved your card, take a screen shot of your membership details page.
    You can't get in there without your member No and password so unless it's legit, you wouldn't have been able to get the screen shot.

    Print the screen shot and show it to flipper or at the counter and there should be no dramas. I'm sure flipper can let the guys know that some people might do that. :) Is that ok Deb? :)
  18. Seany said:
    ...not to mention the secret handshake. :wink:
  19. 99.9% of the time memberships are sent out the next day.
    You should never need to wait longer than a week ;)

    The admin biatch is awesome ;)
  20. I told you already, I don't have any hands! :tantrum:

    Sadly, I've never been allowed to dance the hokey pokey. :(