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[Vic] Bikemart shopping night 18th Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by stewy, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Ok, dunno why the thread hasn't been posted (not sure if the person hasn't had time or what),but for anyone interested here are the details

    There's a Shopping Night coming up on Wednesday 18th August , 7pm-9pm

    Discounts (as usual), specials on odds and ends, reduced winter stock.

    Address/ map/ details here:
  2. WoooT!

    I'm due new boots + Summer gloves + maybe new lid!
  3. thanx for that Stewy :)
    I posted it to the calendar but for some stoopid reason, it didn't post to the events section.
  4. Dammit, it clashes with something else I'd like to attend :-/. But I have to buy a new helmet, so I expect this will win out.
  5. and ignore the February date in the calendar entry, it's Wednesday 18th August and I don't have special powers to edit it......

    Clashes with my daughters birthday so I doubt whether I can make it but it was the only date Max could give me.
  6. Geez, like I haven't already spent money there......](*,)
    Oh well, time to be nice to the other half again.....8-[
  7. Oh well, time to be nice to the other half again.....8-[[/QUOTE]

    Just take her along..............when I take mine I end up buying more than I need so I avoid taking her..............( well thats my excuse):angel:
  8. If she/he/it likes shopping, then bringing them is win-win. You get stuff, they get to enjoy bargains :p. And you get a second opinion on whether your backside looks big or not :D.
  9. do we need to bring netrider membership card? or can anyone get in?
  10. No need to bring your card
  11. I'm a bit new, but the old lady needs a helmet! Can I come too??
  12. I'm sure that'd be fine :).
  13. does the sale start strictly at 7pm?
  14. yeah it's normally around the 7ish time frame.....

    and yes all welcome
  15. Love spending a dollar there but, dammit, each time they've had a shopping night the past few years, I've been on night shift (6:30pm onwards) and missed out.
  16. Think I'll pop in tonight....
    Need a couple of things....
  17. :facepalm: Argh really wanted to make it to this but after having my wisdom teeth out I'm not going to make it :(

    Happy shopping everyone, hope you get some bargains, pity Jadey won't be there to win the raffle again
  18. :( Dinner with family and new nephew. Will have to wait!
  19. I went.

    My wallet hurts.