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NSW VIC bike swap to NSW rego. Average costs involved ?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by bennjamin, May 22, 2011.

  1. Hullo all - Did a search in this forum couldnt find anything this specific -

    I am looking at a bike , VIC plates - and wondering what the associated costs are with re-registering it in NSW ?
    Reason being , this will be an instant cost to the bike which I need to factor into a future offer ! RTA tells me the vague process via email - but no costs.

    Any experiences , thanks ! Ben
  2. cheers for the link - altho I have already scoured through it - the rego side appears to be $110.00 then around $400-450 for CTP.

    Anyone actually done this exact process recently (another state to NSW rego) to tell if there are any hidden extra charges etc ?
  3. The RTA webpage actually tells you the costs, VIN/ENG check via authorised inspection station, stamp duty, rego & plate fee ontop of what you have already mentioned.
  4. couldnt quite get it out but ive been to the RTA and came up with this - for future reference of others bringing a bike to NSW here is the costs involved

    Inspection (blue slip) $58
    dispose of and new generic plates $38
    CTP (varible ) $300-450
    rego $110 + 3% of purchase price (stamp duty)

    Note that you will have 3 months to do the above , assuming there is 3 months or more rego left on the existing plates !
  5. NB the three months only applies if you move from another state to NSW if you purchase a bike from interstate I think you need to do it in 2 weeks or there is another $90 fee.
  6. Just going on what the lady behind the desk stated - but perhaps she misquoted the above info. Will clarify beforehand too !
  7. I recently interstate transferred 2 bikes from Brisbane. Both times I had the owner cancel the rego and just shipped it.

    From memory, the costs were:
    - Transport: $260-350 (From BikesOnly or BikeNuts). Fully insured during transport.
    - Rego: Think it was between 100 and 200 for rego + plates. Stamp duty is $30 for every $1000 in purchase price on top.
    - Blue Slip: $30-50
    - CTP... In NSW this is a killer. a 1200cc bike cost $711. A 250 still costs a whopping $373. This is from Allianz, who are the cheapest for bikes.
    - Vcheck premium - $50 (worth every penny)

    Just be aware that the blue slip inspection will mean you'll be checked very thoroughly for the Australian design standards. Things such as fender eliminators or aftermarket exhausts, which are fine on pink slip inspections, can cause big headaches for blue slips - you may find yourself scrambling for stock parts just to get it rego'd.

    Good luck.
  8. Mine was a while ago (SA to NSW) but the blue slip was done by authorised centre who may or may not be too finicky about any aftermarket parts/ADR issues. Perhaps a referral is the way to go to make sure you don't get anyone too tough. They will check engine and frame number and many checks similar to a pink slip. The guy that did mine said that if the RTA is not satisfied for any reason though (or at random) they can ask for a further check.