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[VIC] Bike Mart Shopping Night, Wed Sep 6th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Deb aka Flipper

    Just in time to get your new gear for MotoGP, BikeMart are opening their doors after hours for all Netriders and also offering a further discount.

    Date: Wednesday 6th September
    Time: 7pm - 9pm
    Discount: 15% off all items except tyres and Arai helm...

    ... more

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  2. oooo cheap stuff. but once again...stupid work! dont finish untill 10 >.<
  3. A month's notice, no way you can organise a early night or night off?? It's well worth it :grin:
  4. oohhh new helmet time I might buy myself a treat for my birthday :grin:
  5. K ill try for the night off. but i think within the next month i will have brought my new jacket/helmet/pants. do they sell motorcycle accessories too? and no vic, i dont want frilly things on my handlebars. :p

    (i already got some :LOL: )
  6. If you can't get to BikeMart on the shopping night, you can still always go during normal business hours and still get 10% of when you show your Netrider Membership card ;)
  7. Hmmmmm.......I need new boots and gloves. Might hold off and see if I can get along to this.
  8. ahh... good... can I hang around even though I don't have anything particular I want to get? Might saw something I like there...
  9. Alriiiighty. That gives me time to compose a list.
    Oh yeah I need to pick up a luxuro pack for my DriRider rally cross jacket before heading off to Qld.
  10. Wonder if i will be able toget new boots by then. Hmmmmmm......
  11. geez.. and here i am looking for a summer jacket and all..
  12. Hmmm, boots maybe. :idea: :-k
  13. +1 for boots, both the old man and myself need some.
  14. Ventura Bag !!!!
  15. almost perfect timing too.

    yay... a Netrider event i can get to.

    Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Pants.... i think a bag is gonna kill the budget :(

    plus i'll have to cage it anyway
  16. Just a reminder to put aside some of your pay packet this week folks. Less than a week to our last BikeMart night of 2006. The next one won't be till late Jan/early Feb.
  17. Hmm.. looking forward to that one...

    definately need to get something for warm days.. I am sweating my a$$ out with the current one..

    But... Lets hope the below change when the time comes..

    Wednesday Showers. Min 7 Max 14
  18. going to try to make it to this one... missed the last Bikemart sale coz of work commitments :(

    If anyone needs a lift in PM me coz I'll be in the cage, also if anyone's planning on buying gear and can't fit it on their bike or in their bag then I can drop it off if you don't live to far away...
  19. im gunna try and head ot to this.. hopefully see ya out there.

    ill put the same offer up to the wessiders cause ill be in the car too.
  20. Think I need another pair of Draggins. My purple ones are starting to fade and it will be handy to have a second pair :grin: