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[VIC] Bike Mart Shopping Night, Wed May 3rd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Black Betty

    Just as Winter starts to encroach Bike Mart will kindly open their doors after hours especially for NetRidees

    Wed May 3rd 7-9pm

    Shop 4/70 Maroondah Hwy
    Ringwood 3134
    Melways 49 F9

    15% discount instore goods
    plus extra specials on...

    ... more

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  2. aww yeah!
  3. damn working week-nights :(
  4. oh no......... Tam wont be happy about this !
  5. Conveniently timed I'd say :wink:
    Start writing the lists & saving those pennys :)
  6. woo hoo im not working so ill be going as well
  7. This time I should (finally) be able to get there. Third time lucky I hope!
  8. Hmmm, those Shoei Rainey's look pretty trick.
  9. I might come down and take a looksie and say hiya even if i don't end up buying anything (Although i would like a pair of summer gloves and a leather jacket :-k )
  10. Damn i'll be working but hang on a minute i work there :LOL: :LOL:
  11. :-k I don't need anything.

    :idea: Why should that stop me? :grin:
  12. Quick question.

    I am looking to spend $2000 on riding gear. And I am really looking forward to the 15% off.

    I just have one question would Bikemart allow me to go in on Tuesday or Wednesday (during the day), and try things on/ deicde what I want and then put them on "hold" with or without a deposit, to pick up when the 15% is on.

    Or will they be willing to give the 15% off a bit earlier??
  13. i really am due for some derious shopping, but what the hell do i need.. :LOL: And i try telling myself you can never have enough riding gear.. :LOL:
  14. They put on these special nights because it's advantageous to both them and us :) Are you saying you can't make it Wed night? It's for 3 hours, so plenty of time to try things on and make decisions :)
  15. Because I have never been to one before, I dont know if they are squashed with people ?, Hardly any staff to customer ratio ??.

    Also is the 15% off on everything or only selected things ?
  16. Hey PJ, that might be a good idea on the staffs behalf. Give them a call, explain your situation and see what they say. They may appreciate you doing that and lessening their load on the actual shopping night.
  17. PJ, it's only for Netriders, has plenty of staff, not jammed. AFAIK it's 15% off everything except those things already marked down as on special (these are usually marked down by more than 15%)

    Come along if you can, they're good nights
  18. What another helmet?

    You are now known to me as the helmetmeister.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  19. Only in the communial fitting rooms :shock: :p :grin:
  20. I will endevor to make this :)