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[VIC] Bike Impounded

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Vark, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. My bike was impounded today for 48 hours for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h
    I think the exact charges were the speeding by 45+km/h and driving at speeds dangerous.
    If anyone can recommend a good lawyer it would be appreciated.

  2. i cant recommend a good lawyer, but i can recommend-
    a) huffy brand bikes seem to be cheap, and fairly good.
    b) "wet stuff" is undoubtedly the best lube there is, you are going to need it ;)
  3. If you're in the mood to throw money away throw it my way.

    Mate, cop it sweet.
    Do the crime, do the time and dont complain that you need your license for your work as that makes you look even more foolish.
    We all do it and some of us get caught and some will be eventially caught but we all know what we're doing.

  4. +1, highly recommend the 'cooling formula' one, you're going to need it's soothing action Vark :LOL:.
  5. Those google ads are clever, they are recommending a lawyer under your post :roll:

    Whre are you at Vark? There is a riding lawyer who works out of Hornsby I think his name is Mark Steinberg? He advertises in a couple of mags.

    But I'd say you'r money would be best saved for taxi fares. There is a HUGE media blitz on at the moment in Sydney with hoon drivers.
  6. lol dont think any lawyer is guna get u out of that one.
    shit happens. we all speed insanly from time to time.
  7. Not really looking to get out of it, I screwed up, just don't want to front up to court and get myself into any more trouble from saying something silly.
  8. Why do you need to go to court? Isn't the related penaly(s) applied on the spot?

    And if you do go to court, say, Yes your worship, no your worship as required. Say you're guilty, that you feel like a right git (for getting caught, not for actually doing it, but you don't actually say that), cop whatever it is that the magistrate hands out and start working on commuting strategies.

    Good luck with it.
  9. hrm

    Just wait until your receive the charge and summons to find out all your charges. Chances are you might be able to put in an intial plea of not guilty at the mention date and get it set off for a contest mention date. On the contest mention day you can bargain to get some of the charges dropped (alot of the time the more serious ones) and you can plea up to the lesser ones.
    Alot of charges etc are doubled up and if you plead to the lesser one alot of the time the more serious one will get dropped. That way they don't have to go to a full contest and get witnesses in etc etc.
  10. THIS PDF guide to the Vic Magistrates Court may help.

    Maybe it could be a NR sticky?
  11. Re: hrm

    And run the risk of a cranky mag and max penalties. :)
    Magistrates love people wasting court time on clear cut cases.
  12. Thanks for that link, I'd like to see a sticky to that guide.

    mjt57, the officer that pulled me over told me a court appearance will be necessary, I'm guessing due to the driving at speeds dangerous charge.
  13. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/penalties/speeding.html

    6 points and $1642 just for the speeding :shock:

    that is if it is in NSW.
    i am of the understanding that any traffic offence involving >45km/h over the limit requires a magistrate to decide how hard you will be anally probed.
    30->45 = big fine & rest from the road
    more than 45 = ouch

  14. Forget the lawyers dood. You are DONE.

    For what it's worth, spend $40 and buy the ebook that is advertised on the google ads here by aussiespeedingfines its a pretty cool read.

    Just walk in to the court room, when your day finally arrives, yes sir, no sir, 6 bags full sir.

    Here's hoping you have more mates than me that can help you get around for the next 6+ months :( or watch your fitness rise when you buy that "huffy" ;)
  15. What's "furious driving"?

    I once read somewhere that cyclists in NSW can be had for "pedalling furiously". Dunno if that was a joke or what. But still, furious?
  16. ..

    seriously mate get in touch either yourself or via your legal representation with the informant and bargain with the charges... drop this i'll plead guilty to the rest yada yada.
    The reason i said to originally plead not guilty is that the informant does not have to be there on the original mention day if your pleading. The prosecutions cannot bargain on his behalf so you need to talk to whoever the informant is.. that can be done at a contest mention and your not wasting the courts time it's how the process works.
    if you go to a full contest and then plead up.. yea then you can expect some heat from a magistrate but not at a contest mention it's what it is there for.

    It should help you out and if not it's worth the shot and no skin off your nose.
  17. The full charge is: Driving in a manner furious/reckless at a speed dangerous/reckless (or words to that effect)

    They charged me with that in '03 for street racing and i got 18months suspension just on that charge (and a $900 fine)

    Obviously the fine has gone up and the time may have also. When i went to court it was over a few driving charges (all the same event) and got good behaviour bla bla bla and a criminal record.

    So pray you get a good judge and live in a good part of town as they will be your biggest factors in time served (well in nsw anyway)


    (ps the info on bargaining on charges is the way to go i got of 3 charges from pleeding to lesser charges :wink: )