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[Vic] Bicycle Lanes - Moreland Leader - Cast your vote

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Leader newspapers are runing a poll "Should motorcyclists be allowed to ride in bike lanes?" www.leadernews.com.au closes 9am tomorrow (9th October). So far 80% are against.

    Please visit site and scoll down to Poll and vote.(y)

  2. It's across all the Leader newspapers - not just the Moreland leader.
  3. lol you can keep refreshing and clicking 'yes' :spam::woot:
  4. I had a read through the other thread, but I'm still not sure why everyone's keen on being able to use them. Bus lanes sure, but why do you want bike lanes?

    Except in the couple of roads where it forces us onto a tram line what's the point?
  5. We are all using the bike lanes now. We want to "share" the lanes. We want an end to M/C being fined for being in a bicycle lane when there are no bicycles in sight etc.... At least that is what I want.

    FFS - why is this so difficult for some people to understand? No offence intended.....
  6. My vote changed the balance by 3%, so it wouldn't take much effort to get a PR victory here...;)
  7. ^ Hey I'm just a learner, I honestly don't know why anyone would need to use a bike lane.

    There seems to be a lot of fuss about something minor, why do you actually want to use them?
  8. It's almost every arterial road where I live. I can see why you wouldn't use them in the middle and outer suburbs (neither would I). But in the narrow inner urban arterials it's often the only practical option, now that every road has a bike lane.
  9. That explains things. You will come to understand the significance in time. Trust me, after you have clocked up more kms and riding time you will come to understand how frustrating not being able to share bicycle lanes really is......
  10. ^ Why don't you just tell me?

    That's fair enough, if they're forcing you to ride on tram tracks then it's a safety issue.
  11. A More thorough way of looking at it, is that you are no wider than a pushbike, you (As a motorcycle) alleviate congestion. But, many roads have shrunken lanes so they can fit in bike lanes. If you can share the lane when traffic is stationary and split opportunities are limited, you can be part of the congestion solution…
    As is said in my Signature…

    Note I still see risks because of the behaviour I have witnessed by some motorcyclists.
  12. ^ Ok that makes sense.

    I can still understand why cyclists would hate the idea though.
  13. This is a tricky one.

    As a cyclist I have no problem with motor bikes casually using the bike lanes. But I dont like the thought of having to worry about more things on my push bike. Adds another dimension of worry/danger/liability.

    As a motorcyclist I can see the need to have a legal defense of being in the cycle lane, and why I would use it to filter.

    I think there is more to it than yes or no, maybe some terms of use? I think a motorcycle speed limit in the cycle lane could work.
  14. And the fact is - you don't really know what the worry/danger/liability is - or what worse if there really such a thing.

    There is no evidence - and further study/investigation is required to prove the assumptions espoused by BV.

    IMHO - bicycles and M/C can live together in harmony. Sharing and respect are the issue we should be discussing - not "Its my territory, I'm going to defend it with my life, so stay out or else." as espoused by the bicycle riders.

    Don't give me this "as a cyclist" crap. Its not the issue - its a feeling you have - but also a feeling not based on verifiable facts.
  15. First off, I don't use the bike lanes, so your opening statement is incorrect. However, I can see instances when it would be good to use a bike lane, and provided that we matched our speed with cyclists (which wouldn't be that hard in the city) I think it would be perfectly safe.

    But what I really wanted to say is that there is no point saying "No offence intended" after using a well known acronym for "For F***'s Sake" and implying that the person you are replying to is an idiot. Clearly this is offensive, and the only intent can be to cause offense. Unless you have a bizarre form of Tourette's syndrome that causes you to swear via a keyboard instead of verbally, perhaps.

    If you truly don't intend any offence, then I'd suggest you choose your words more carefully.
  16. I'm afraid not. Refreshing and voting again doesn't change the numbers. No doubt they worked that one out, and log the IP address. Even using my second computer doesn't change the numbers.

    I don't want to use the bike lanes, but I don't want it to be illegal either. So I voted Yes for you John.
  17. Way to show 'sharing and respect'.

    I have to say John, I appreciate what you are trying to do, but you seem to be going out of your way to alienate the people you are supposed to be working for.
  18. FFS is a sign of frustration not a put down, can we stop being so precious here people this is not America.
  19. But in context, which could be paraphrased as "For f***'s sake, why are some people (who don't agree with me) so stupid?" I think it is clear that it is a put down. My point was that saying "No offence intended" is meaningless in the context of that sentence.

    That is not being precious. Pedantic, yes. Precious, no. :)
  20. I disagree and we'll leave it at that.