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VIC [VIC]: Bicycle lane blitz 7-8/2/2011

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jabolotai, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Heads up Melbourne Netriders:


  2. Only a problem id they catch me :angel:
  3. Thanks for the info, I'll be cycling down that way tomorrow.

  4. Funny thing is that the incidence of bicycle/motorcycle crashes is incredibly low - and of the few crashes that have occurred most are at intersections and none in bicycle lanes.

    I'd be more impressed if the one way "little" streets were policed - I've had too many near misses with bicycles going the wrong way. Mind you, now I'm living on a one-way street it's remarkable how many moronic car drivers go the wrong way as well.

    Apart from my previous comments, it can only benefit us - the CBD seems to bring out the worst in road users, pedestrians, car drivers and cyclists (but not motorcyclists - we're always much better behaved :angel: )
  5. As said before, there is no safety issue here to start with. It's all about the politics, and the correctness. Nevertheless, make it a waste of time for 'em.
  6. I got done crossing the bike lane that you HAVE to cross to turn left into flinders of that bridge that goes into Swanston. A cranky senior cop and his young assistant were hiding in Flinders st station and just ran out onto the road as soon as a bike 'breaks the law'.
    The dude literally ran in front of me at the lights and starting yelling and screaming for me to pull over, carrying on like I just shot someone.

    Then he gave me a massive lecture, literally spitting on my face while he was screaming at me.
    The junior cop was quite nice when the older one ran out into traffic to pick up a scooter rider and explained that he thought it was a bit excessive and he will try to get me out of the fine.
    One thing that really interested me was that the senior cop, in the middle of his screaming rant actually told me "You can filter between the cars as much as you want, we don't care."
    Very interesting...

    Blatant revenue raising, I didn't break any law and was riding responsibly and they new it too, they just expected to bulldoze me with a massive attack and lecture so that I would admit to anything.
  7. The law explicitly states that you can cross a bike lane to turn (max. 50 meters from memory). You could try writing in asking for the charge to be struck on that basis. Cost of a stamp to find out.

    Rule 158 Exceptions to driving in special purpose lanes etc.
    (1) The driver of any vehicle may drive for up to the
    permitted distance in a bicycle lane, bus lane, tram
    lane, transit lane or truck lane if it is necessary for
    the driver to drive in the lane—
    (a) to enter or leave the road;

    edit; just looking on streetview, he may have got you for crossing the solid line of the bike lane at the last 5m or so. It looks like you need to cross the lane before that. (?) See what the notice says.
  8. Go-pro, get yours today
  9. Didn't see any cops down in docklands this morning, perhaps they were staking out the bike lanes near Krispy Kreme? :-k
  10. lol seriously MV its not beyond them anymore...

    Haven't received a notice as of yet as I think they realised that I was in the right and its an extremely subjective technicality + I couldn't be bulldozed, however if I do I will be appealing it and filing a complaint against the downright dangerous senior officer and his reckless and abusive behaviour, not to mention complete lack of knowledge of the laws he is meant to uphold.
    Just silly really, and Im one of the few guys actually on the cops side.
    Stupid isn't it, I'm one of the few riders that pretty much never ever goes over the limit and I get more bogus fines then the guys that go out there and do $1.80 every weekend.

    I can understand that the bicycle lanes are for bicycles and that it could get really dangerous in certain areas, but this situation safety is not an issue at all, the lights are set up to let cars through and then bikes, hell EVERYONE is giving a red light for a period to let the cyclists through on that side of the road up to swanston.
  11. Got mine - wouldn't have helped. It's not the sort of thing I would have been recording. If you up the memory size, that means you can store 6 + hours of high def, but the battery only runs for about an hour and a half, so that's all you can record. In addition, just having the power on, standby, seems to use nearly as much power as actually recording.

    You'd have to be a bit... let's just say it'd take a particular state of mind to record every moment of your daily commute, and I don't have it. That and the fact that I'd be more likely to record myself doing something naughty, and dob myself in that way, than get myself off from the few times I have been falsely accused of naughtiness. There have indeed been many moments on the road I wish I had on video, but you don't know when those are going to happen, and I am not going to black-box myself unless I never intend to break the rules again.
  12. Yep I totally understand where you're coming from KDrag. There have been only a handful of times over the past few years where I really wanted to record the action. The last one was over two years ago when two cars where trying to take each other out and were using the whole freeway to do it. Spectacular stuff.

    The battery life can be a nuisance, but then so can trawling through hours of footage looking for the few magic moments you're after as well.

    Where I'm coming from is here though, with enough bikes running cams, the law of averages increases. So it's only a matter of time ;)

    ...and I believe the last salvo fired was, "if we see ourselves on ACA then we'll blitz every bike we see in the CBD". Exciting stuff. If they declare war I'll build an army.
  13. NO WAY, I just received a $179 infringement notice for the above mentioned issue, there is NO WAY I am paying that, they can shove it up their corrupt asses.

    Can anyone help me appeal this? Its ridiculous, blatant revenue raising.
    Its unacceptable.
    I'm fuming....
  14. Bicycles Victoria's take on the blitz... you aren't going to be happy.


    Cops blitz motorcycles in bike lanes

    7 February 2011. Melbourne Police were out in the city in force this morning to blitz motorcycles buzzing cyclists in Melbourne's bike lanes.
    The law against motorbikes in bike lanes is openly flouted and the Police have moved to stamp out the dangerous practice.
    The crackdown is part of operation Nora, which runs today and Thursday.
    The operations focuses on bike-related safety issues and involved intensive patrols in black-spot areas.
    Police members saturated streets in Melbourne’s CDB, Carlton, Southbank and the Docklands with bicycles, on foot and in vehicles during the two day blitz.
    Operation Nora involves police from the Bicycle Patrol Unit, Transit, Divisional Licensing Unit, Melbourne West, Melbourne North, Melbourne East, St Kilda Road and Caulfield.
    Major intersections will be targeted, with the corners of Swanston and Flinders streets and the Harbour Esplanade and Collins Street, being of particular interest to police.
    Melbourne Senior Sergeant Andrew Falconer said the main aim of Operation Nora was to ensure cyclists and drivers were riding and driving safely around Melbourne.
    "Police will focus on drivers and cyclists disobeying traffic signs and lights, cyclists failing to wear a securely fitted bicycle helmet, motorcyclists using bicycle lanes and vehicles stopping or parking illegally,” Sen Sgt Falconer said.
    "Police will not only target offences committed by cyclists but also crack down on drivers doing the wrong thing."
    “Reducing serious injury collisions is a high priority for police. And Operation Nora is just another way we can communicate the road safety message to the community.”
    Falconer warned that cyclists could be fined $299 for failing to obey traffic lights and $149 for not wearing a bicycle helmet or holding onto a moving vehicle.
  15. Says who? And where's the evidence? Have there been any incidents? I my experience motorcycles and bicycles can co-exist in these lanes - I've never seen a motorcycle riding too fast or dangerously in these lanes when they do use them so I'm not sure what the fuss is about? Probably some old farts at BV having a rage about 'OUR' bike lanes and (I will be flamed for this for sure lol) lanes they don't pay for in any way.

    Oh and while I'm here, why the **** don't motorcycles have any consideration at all? where are our traffic filtering laws? where are special lanes for our safety? can MRA et al please get off their ****ing arses and DO SOMETHING. /rant
  16. Well at least I can use some of that statement in my case, I WAS obeying signals, did NOT stop anywhere illegal and did not put ANYONE in danger, let alone break ANY KNOWN LAW.

  17. What a load of dishonest crap. Making shit up as they always have.

    Wonder if BV have Bailleau in their pocket the they way they did Bracks and Brumby?
    We'll wait and see...
  18. From memory there's been about 7 injury crashes between bicycles and motorcycles over the past several years (ICBF checking again).

    None in bicycle lanes and about 50/50 who was to blame - and about 50/50 as to who was injured.

    Some of these people wouldn't know facts if they bit them in the arse!
  19. Go and take photos of the location, showing EVERY aspect of the road markings, have a really close read of the charge (and the rule under which you were charged) and think about how they can try and make it stick if you challenge it. Only proceed if you are sure the charge is wrong.

    DO NOT bring the officer's conduct into the argument. As offensive as it was, it has no bearing on the case. Beaks don't like defendants badmouthing the cops.