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[Vic] Best views and panoramas from the road? (For Photos)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by AhrimaaN, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. I didn't quite know which forum to put this in so here goes.

    I'm looking for some fantastic views/panoramas lookouts etc that can be accessed by motorcycle, to take some amazing photos with my bike in them (and also without of course).

    As I obviously don't ride around enough and explore (even less so during the day) I am looking for some tips on where to go.

    The obvious ones are around Docklands, Williamstown and perhaps the ACCA (as per my profile pics).

    Are there any good higher up spots to take shots of the city skyline from the road with fairly uninterrupted views? Studley Park areas around Kew are OK but tend to be totally grown over with trees kind of wrecking the view.

    Does anyone out there have any of their own favourite spots etc?

    I'd love to go down to Black/Reefton spur to get some post fire shots too but the weather is a little dodgy for me to do that as I haven't done them yet and its a little frosty/slippery for a first timer imo.

    Sucks to be working 9-6 as that means all the learner/group rides I've been on have been in the dark except for a couple, meaning I don't really know where is worthwhile to go back to.

    Olinda might be a good idea actually looking over the dam.

    If you have any other cool spots please write in here to let me (and others!) know about them!
  2. try top floor carparks at Victoria Gardens in Richmond, and the new one opposite harbour town docklands.
  3. the power lines at whitfield, actually a couple of crackers shots there, top of hotham & omeo in the paddock area, jindabyne lake, south gippy offers up some amazing views of road ahead as it's wraps around an amazing sweeper and disappears over a hill, there are so many places for amazing shots, but the problem i find is i just can't bring myself to stop, i just need to keep riding for that next turn.

    Good luck and be sure to post them up here so we can see your handy work :)
  4. If you're looking for a country area close to Melbourne, head out to Sugarloaf Reservior and take some pics. Then get back on that road (from Kangaroo Ground to Yarra Glen) and head for Yarra Glen, keep yours eyes open and you'll find it peaks and then descends down into Yarra Glen. At the area around the peak there's spots to pull over with a massive view of the Yarra Valley and Yarra Glen. Nice safe and close road that one, close enough to go out on an arvo for a small picnic or to read book, and close and safe enough not to worry about the weather if that's a concern.

    Later in the week I'm heading out to Sugerloaf Res. to do some study of sorts, I assume you work full-time but if not we could hook up for the ride out there....
  5. plenty down Gippy, and up towards the Alps. nice local one at Kalorama in the Dandies.

    why the fook do you want cityscape in your pics? :p
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