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[VIC] Best rides close to Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by wixy, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Could anyone let me know the best rides that can be taken as close to Melbourne as possible?


  2. You can do a loop around the Mornington Peninsula Red Hill Arthurs Seat for a stop and then Flinders or Portsea pubs for lunch. You can find about 200km with out seeing to much of it twice.
  3. Go along the beach to Port Melbourne, get on the freeway, do the big loop up to Bolt On Brigde, get off, come back then do it again. Failing that go Warandyte, Christmas Hills, Yarra Glen, Healesville, Black Spur, Marysville then back or continue through Marysville to Lake Mountain carpark, down again then through to Reefton Spur, Warburton, Yarra Junction.

    Depends how long you want to go for.
  4. Mt Dandenong

    Good for those who enjoy corners. Watch the tourist road as it has alot of slow moving cages. There are alot of less travelled roads out the back where you can have a fantastic ride. Try heading off down the Sherbrook (sp) rd and see where you end up.

    One thing to watch for - if its rained the prior day the shadows of the trees on the road can hold some slippery spots (especially if there is leaf clutter about).

    Always good on a hot summer day - cool enough up there to wear the gear and not melt.


  5. Define "best ride"... for some its scraping knees at 250kph around 180 degree corners. For others its simply being on the bike. No point me recommending something I like if my riding tastes differ from yours.
  6. I don't mind St Andrews and Kinglake. 8)
  7. Mountain Hwy is always good for a quick run up and down, I have a loop I use up Mtn Hwy, along the Mt Dandenong Tourist road, then to Kallista, Monbulk, C0cka2oo, to Gembrook back to Monbulk and Olinda to Sassafras and then down Mtn Hwy to home again. Good to keep me entertained. :):):)
  8. Re: Mt Dandenong

    Not only slow - but often erractic & defiantely not on the look-out for bikes!
    Ferny Creek one end, Kallista the other :p
    Have found this road a little rough of late. Try some back roads around Silvan, Wandin, Yellingbo - all nice & smooth with much less traffic & a couple of 100km zones thrown in :D
  9. Same as what Josh said almost,except Warrandyte,St Andrews,Kinglake,Toolangi,Healsville,Marysville,Lake Moutain-except keep going to Reefton(carefull here,lot of crazy bastads in Reefton Spur)Warburton,Lilydale,Melbourne.
  10. Voyager's comment is valid as he prefers the open road - and probably should write a book on planning a group ride!

    Presumably the OP means curvy stuff.

    My fav:
    Head North from Pakenham Upper to Gembrook then to Launching place. Then keep heading Northish from Launching place to Healsville [5km dirt road in this stretch]. Then keep heading NW-ish from Healsville to Kinglake and then SE from Kinglake to St Andrews. Then ???

    Reverse the route, or cut south and explore regions around Panton Hill, Yarra glen, Eltham, etc.

    Mouth's recent ride showed me some fab roads in the Korrumburra area... well worth exploring too... just watch gravelled corners!


  11. If it's just a quick spin I usually go from either Eltham or Warrandite -Kangaroo Ground -Kinglake -Yarra Glen -Christmas hills- home. It can add a touch more distance easily by deturing from Kinglake -Healsville- Yarra Glen. :)
  12. Scumbag's suggestion is a great one. There are no shortage of awesome roads around Victoria whether you want to go for a quickie or a two-day stint. My personal favs are the GOR, I love the Black Spur, the road up to Mt Donna Buang is good as is the trip up through Myrtleford, Mt Hotham and back down to Bairnsdale via Omeo. Just watch out for d$%@head Sunday drivers!!
  13. I love the run from Lang Lang/Nyora thru to Poowong - or any road in that area - and on to Warragul, then up thru Noogee/Powelltown. Bit further away from Melb, but all depends on where you live :) Less traffic, except for tractors, livestock and their excretment left on the road behind 'em...
  14. Also be very aware of diesel spills, early in the morning or after/during rain, whenever roads is wet. Seems to be a fair few of them.
  15. how close is close?

    i like to do a quick run thru scenic route two from city road to yarra bend to the blvd and back. i usually do this quick run during lunch or early afternoon before heading home.

    its not much of a run but its the closest to the city i can think off.
  16. I agree with Scumbag. This is one of my fav rides if you want a relatively quick ride. :) :grin: :)
  17. thats a good ride its smoth and easy with some nice corners and good straights... just be careful of kangaroos :shock:
  18. Hmmmmm, the days of going for a quick scrape at the Kew Boulevard are now long gone :cry:

    I guess the Dandenong tourist road is ok for an 8/10's ride.

    But if you wanna get it on, ride to Broadford race track, bust off some laps, then ride home; your licence will love you.

    If anyone ever wants to ride there and have a little tuition, I'm happy to oblige :)
  19. kinda depends on where you are and what you mean by best ride... I really like the run to Yea, with a pitstop in Kinglake... But a nice easy, and probably somewhat obscure destination, is Woodend and Mt. Macedon, pretty nice up there...

    Jonny O, do you do tuition yourself up at broady? or you can hook people up with someone?