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[VIC] best and cheap place to buy JACKET, pants, GEAR....

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BKN, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    anyone know any shops in melb area or west that sells good gear for a reasonable price. after 2 jackets, alpinestar, and some gloves, boots, helmet, pants, etc.

    just wondering if there are any end of year sales on anywhere.

    gonna go shopping in the next few days and blow some nice dollars.

    thanks in advance for help.

  2. Bikes Plus

    Try Bikes Plus in Keilor Road, Essendon. I bought a lot of stuff off them. Good range of gear and really helpful, plus they often have stuff on special.
  3. Netrider partners page will show you those that give you a discount for being a netrider member (paid member $5). The partners are also businesses that usually give a higher level of service. Before you commit to buying a brand (Alpinestar) make sure you check out everything else available, I feel that with some brands you're paying for the label. For the price of the branded gear you might be able to slip into a custom fit jacket of high quality.
  4. Go to an open night, like the upcoming one at Bikemart....
  5. Good selection of cheap gear (wholesale prices direct to public & same styles as alpinestar, dririder etc) at Xtreme in Hoppers Xing. For sales contact Heather 9974 3300. They are open weekdays and also Sat by arrangement :smile: