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[VIC] Berwick-Harkaway Road, fog!

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Roddo67, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Road is fine in daylight but a real doozy in the fog in the early morning. Very difficult to see whether road goes left or right at times. Obviously fog is a big factor.
    I came off following a left turn when the main actually went right. Just could not see the road ahead; the street lamp at A'Beckett road lit up the left. Luckily I'd slowed down before but still got surprised. Probably being new to bikes is a factor too. Well, 6 weeks in a cast to learn from this. Still though, watch out for fog and forking roads.
    Ride safe!

  2. map link?
  3. Thanks for the heads up & you're right, it's a bastard road in the fog, I'm on it 4 mornings out of 5 every week.

    hope you and your bike are both back on the road soon.
  4. Hey, thanks for the map and the well wishes folks, really appreciate it. I'm pretty sure i was pumped full of newbie confidence having been on that road quite a few times in the day. The fog and dark (6.30 am) put me in my place! Damn, was due to go for my license in 2 weeks.
    I came off at A'beckett rd where the road 'forks', I really thought it went left; I'd slowed, was going left, then it looked too tight (obviously), hit the traffic island and flipped.
    Managed to ride home, broken right wrist dragging down the throttle!
    Still, a good lesson.
    Take care (any tips for ridingin the fog?)
    All the best
  5. yep best tip of all...

    Ride to the conditions.

    Get to the far left and sit on the line and watch your mirrors for the tell tale glow of a moron flying up behind you. Tap breaks, etc to make sure you stand out. Don't use High Beam. If in doubt pull far off the road and wait a while.

    As a manager, i'd rather my staff were late, than dead.
  6. Thank you Thera, I greatly appreciate these tips!!!
    (not to mention the quotes in your signature- will arm myself with these!!!)
    Thanks again
  7. Yes that road can be a pig at night . When you get back on the bike drop me a PM and we can go for a ride if you need a hand :)
  8. Thanks for that, im a newbo-ish to, trying to build up to differant conditions,havent tackled fog as yet, but will definitly keep the previous pointers on the brain, esoecially around pak, beacie and berwick
  9. PS...Get better real soon :D
  10. Thanks heaps!!!
    Really admire and respect the spirit of community. Looks like I'll need an operation to set the bone (Damn!) but can't wait to get back on the bike.
    Take care all:)
  11. Hope you heal up soon. I'm local as well so my offer is the same as mainstage. If you need a hand or just want some short rides to build confidence I'm happy to get out for an hour or so when I can.