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[VIC] Bendigo Motorcycle Expo, Sat Oct 3rd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: snodgras

    The inaugural Bendigo Motorcycle Expo is the first such event to be held in country Victoria.

    Saturday 3rd & 4th of October 2009.

    Bendigo Exhibition Centre, Prince of Wales Showgrounds, Bendigo.

    It is anticipated that the Expo will feature a...

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  2. Anyone going on Saturday?
  3. yep, we're thinking of going.
  4. I have to work Saturday, otherwise I'd be checking it out
  5. It is on Saturday and Sunday the 3rd and 4th...........
    Will be going on Sunday
  6. Weather looks better for Sunday. I might go Sunday,
  7. dammit would like to go but we're doing good rides both days :]
    wish it was on for longer ....
  8. looks like it's just new bikes etc like you can see for free every day of the week in elizabeth st?

  9. Maybe Blur1, but unless we as a collective attend such new expos etc especially as this one is just starting, there wont be any due to low numbers.
    This regional expo could really take off.:tantrum:

    My 2 cents anyhoo.

  10. I am going up today after work. Will be at Western Ring Rd servo Nth bound around 10am and leaving 10:30 if anyone is interested.
  11. I went to this today. It was ok but there were only two bikes that interested me, the Triumph Tiger and KTM. Lots of off road bikes, cruisers and choppers.

    I wandered through the parking area. Lots of great bikes out there.
  12. I went and checked it out too.

    For a first time event, I think it was a pretty good show with a good turn out.

    But yeah, I think people spent just as much time wandering up and down the bikes parked outside :)

    (Oh, and Dragonbane used up one of his 9 lives when the friendly constabulary were waiting down the road doing license checks....)
  13. wow, cops hassling the roads and better bikes in the carpark....it' sounds like a hoot lol.
    i hope entry was free at least?
    was there any custom bikes on display inside?
  14. wow.... why not just bag out on an event that you didn't even support?!?!?!
    Don't let your life become so miserable..... cheer up... take a ride to regional Victoria.... maybe visit a bike expo to cheer you up. If that does not work... try asking for a hug!
    NEWS FLASH!!!!! Regional riders don't get to saunter down Elizabeth street every other day! My Town supports Honda/Yamaha/KTM/Husqvarna. If I want to see any other makes…I have to ride 110km to my next major city. Bendigo is a very nice and bendy (if I go the back way) 135Km ride away from my town. I saw the Bendigo expo is an excellent opportunity for regional riders like myself to see/touch /smell/taste the bikes and gear that we would otherwise only read about in magazines... or see as a blure on the road. Unfortunately for some, there were a couple of bike makes that made a half arsed effort…… it was very obvious. If Yamaha did not float your boat …. the other “big jap 4” fans had to seek their thrills from the customer bikes parked on the main oval. These other Jap bike makers should be embarrassed. My hat goes of to Hyosung….. who clearly made a big effort and had a dominant presence in the expo. Oh… and Milwaukee metal was well represented in OEM and custom form.

    I know you Melbournians ride our regional roads. (lets face it….if you only ride Melbourne roads….. you don’t have a pulse and your rubber has a very worn flat strip down the middle) how about supporting regional events attempting to promote our sport/hobby/lifestyle.

    Aghhhhh yes…… The two wheeled law enforcement agents did wave me down…… 200 metres from the exit gates to log my reg and check my licence….. and again…. 5km on the road out of town. I could be wrong… but they appeared to be more interested in custom choppers!

    Here is a pic of some of the bike paddock that did represent bikes from all makes and models

  15. Firstly, What makes you believe entry should be free Blur1?
    I didn't mind paying to get in, support something that is in its' infancy. $15 was a bit steep methinks, but you also get into the grand draw for a Bandit.

    Who do you think pays for all the infrastructure,hire,security, entertainment (Stunt guys)?

    Secondly, yes there were a number of very impressive choppers on disply and some fantastic airbush work as well.

    Being a country town, I'm guessing that a majority of riders preffer cruisers over sportsbikes due too the (mainly) straightish roads.

    I came with 10 others from the Mornington Peninsular MB Club. We took the long way there via Woodend/Mt Macedon and had a ball.
    Coming back via the highway was more tiring than the trip there.
  16. I went up to the Expo, got a little damp along the way though.
    I thought the show was damn good for a regional show, first time to boot.
    Twas a pity some of the more notable marques were not there, may be the financial down turn caused their non appearance.
    Plenty to see in the car park too.
    Had a chat with the plods, who were very friendly, tho I would not want to be driving a Ute back from the muster.:facepalm:
  17. Guys, the whole thing with the Bendigo Expo was a whole new concept for Central Victoria, ALL profits from the weekend going to charity, radiothearpy at the cancer clinic in bendigo, the $15 entry fee, was $5.00 for the raffle ticket for the bandit and other prizes, and the $10.00 is to pay costs and other incidentals,not covered by sponsors or stall holder fee's, what ever remains goes to the charity........ i thought it was BLOODY great effort for a first time event, and the support from local traders was good also the number of out of town entries was not to be sneezed at.
    Yes there were a lot of things that could be done diffrently, and if those that attended the expo filled in the survey with their suggestions i have no doubt that the show can only get better........WELL DONE to all involved.......OH Yeah i attended both days....from Echuca.
  18. Oi ya bugger, I was there working)....would have said g'day if I'd seen ya.

    I'm glad people enjoyed.
    Yes there were things that could have been better, and yes we could have had a few more "name brands" there.
    Believe me, they WERE all approached.
    The way I see it, the dealers who did support the event got exposure to in excess of 7-8000 people. (The numbers aren't known yet).
  19. LOL, I was one of those coming back from the muster. But not in a ute & not today. Got back last night (saturday) so I could go take some shots of this event today for the organizers

  20. Arrrrrgghhhhh.............. mental picture of charmed in a pic ute with "cowgirl" horns......:demon: