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[VIC] Belgrave/Gembrook/Black Spur ride., Sat Apr 7th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: dot

    This ride is open to any interested parties looking for a day out on the bike but not too far from Melb.

    Meet at the Mobile Servo meet point in Rowville at 10:15am for 10:30 depart.

    Wellington Rd to Lysterfield Rd - Lysterfield Rd to Burwood Hw...

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  2. Hey folks!

    I classified this ride as class 3 but there are at least a couple of learners coming along already. The roads we'll be taking aren't overly technical and if you haven't been up or down the Black Spur, this could be a good chance to see it and get to know it a bit..!

    The pace will be at speed limit for the whole ride (except for 3 gravel covered corners) but with corner markers and someone at the tail everyone can go at their own pace.

    Let me know if you're planning to come - should be a good day!


  3. sounds great. i'm in if the weather is good. btw where is mobile rowville? any exact address?

  4. The Mobil Rowville meet point is on the corner of Wellington and Stud roads.

    Fingers crossed for good weather and we'll see you there! :)
  5. Count me in!
  6. Sounds like an excellent adventure.
    I shall dust off the scoot and join you. Long range forecast for Saturday is: Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 9 Max 20.

    Out of interest, this event is not showing up in the Calendar for this Saturday?
  7. Yeah, sorry about that... edited just one word early this morning and it hasn't been put back up since...

    I'll re-post the description into this thread if it's not back on by tomorrow morning.

    Meet at Rowville Mobil 10:15am for 10:30 depart.
    Lysterfield Rd, Burwood Hwy, Belgrave, Gembrook, Launching Place, Black Spur...

    A fun ride and not too technical for any newish riders.

    See ya then!
  8. Hey dot,
    Sounds awesome, shall see you there!!
  9. Bummed. :cry:
    I'd love to be there dood, favourite people, favourite roads.
    I'm going to Eildon for a couple of days, shame you can't make it that far, or i could show you a couple of good roads up there.
    Hopefully Jenn & Jypt will be there in my stead.
    Have fun and keep your nose clean. When you get to Rays put a hot cross bun on my tab.

    Cheers Scheff
  10. Bugger man, was hoping you could come...! Everytime I do the Gembrook to Launching Place road I think of you... and how slow I made you ride it with me.. :LOL: How things have changed...

    Enjoy your ride and drop me a line when you're next up for a ride (I have a new job with weekends off!).

  11. Im might potter along (Still breaking-in my new toy) provided the weather looks ok.
  12. If I can drag my sorry rear out of bed Saturday morning after gigging till the wee hours, I might join in.

  13. Have a safe & fun ride guys :)

    Heading a similar way tomorrow - expecting a bit of crap on the roads after the past couple of days rain, traffic on the spur (hopefully not too much) & a fairly high police presence. Shall see.
  14. That is the most intelligent thing I've read on this forum. :LOL:
    very cool :cool:
    When we catch up you'll have to tell me all about it.

  15. Would love to come along for this one but alas, I cant.. especially since late events.. I'll explain when I see you next Steve!

    See you up the spur Josh! :grin: I'll be up that neck of the woods by the time you get there..
  16. Just got the OK from the boss to take her GSR out to help run it in, you can put me down for tail end, the pain of new bikes. Hopefully we can get a couple of hundred k's on the thing saturday to loosen it up.
  17. I'd go but my bike is still at spray painters
  18. Cheers Steve, that'd be ace! :grin:

    See you Sat morning!
  19. No probs, I was thinking it was tomorrow, but saturday is cool as well as she has too work :)
  20. i race those hills around belgrave all the way around back to fertree gully and back up again past the tourists taking photos of me doing nice high bp wheelies.

    i love those road, only thing is its prone to have lots of lose bark on it..