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[VIC] Beginners Ride to the Chocolate Mill in Daylesford, Su

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Chris

    Meeting point: Shell Servo, Westgate Outbound (South side)
    Melways Map 42 H12
    Time: 9:00 am for 9:30 start.
    Please be ready to start with a full tank.

    This is basically very similar to last years run, but instead of Robbsalv leading the ride,...

    ... more

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  2. A ride AND chocolate??????

    I'll be there!!!!!!!!!

    :( I wish.....
  3. ok guys this is the most likely route on the day:


    anyway there will be a stop off at the maccas in bacchus marsh for a tiny break, re-fuel right before we hit the windy section. depending on the riding level of those interested, there may be another re-group point along the way.

    also, anyone with an idea of a good place for lunch in daylesford?
  4. Highly recommended for those newish to riding looking to put some k's on a group ride under their belt. Went to the last one and despite the dodgy weather, was a brilliant ride and day out.
  5. so is that a yes for you jorge? :p

    and you can't say your not coming if your talking this ride up :LOL:
  6. possible yes depending on weather/workload at the time :p
  7. i'll be there.
    Will go TEC for a change also.
  8. oh yeah forgot to mention... the lead rider (myself) and whoever is TEC will be wearing a hi-vis vest...

    new people to netrider, do not be intimidated by a long ride. this was mine and many others first real group ride, and we all loved it.

    also like last year, if there are a lot of interests, we can have that mentoring thing going too. but only if people are interested in giving and receiving pointers.

    invite who you want and remember that this will be a tame and not so fast paced ride... if you do want to fly through the twisties, i expect to meet you all at the chocolate mill :p
  9. :-k looks good & currently don't think I've got anything planned for that day? Could offer mentoring etc. if wanted/needed coz you've already got a TEC...
  10. Would luv to go on this ride (mmmm, chocolate!) but will depend on IF
    my fella has finally got himself an upgrade, so I can nick the ZZR for the day :wink: :p
  11. Great idea for a trip...the area's sensational and has many good roads and places for coffee/lunch. Depending upon the numbers of attendee's, I can recommend a few places to have lunch, there's heaps of places! Daylesford has a lot of smaller eateries, so if a big turn-out is expected then I'd suggest booking in advance. ;)

    I'm 99.9% certain I'll be back riding by then (recovering from surgery atm), so you can put me down as a 'yes'. As I'd be coming from Ballarat, I'll meet up with you all at Daylesford or somewhere on the way, I'll let you know closer to the date! :grin:

    For the newer and less confident riders, Melbourne to Daylesford is not a big or scary ride, and I can assure you that this type of trip is well worthwhile! It's good to build your confidence up, get comfortable on the highway, improve cornering and braking (especially near Daylesford), meet other riders, and most importantly have a fun day away from the city. Look forward to seeing you all there! :grin:
  12. Hmmm I'm not going to be fully comp insured at this date (turn 25 on the 21st May and am waiting for that) So I might risk it and go for the ride to meet some of you guys and just take it carefully...
  13. id be keen to come along to this one, will have to wait to a little closer to the date to confirm though.
  14. eat at holgates in woodend... its another excuse for more twisties!
  15. ride and choccies - how good can it get???

    I am there!!

    A really big thanks to the people who organise this stuff for us newbies!

    I have been riding for less than a month and today did the ride for the hills.

    Don't be scared to come on longer rides - I don't find them much more difficult than rising around town. I just had to get used to going a bit faster but I still only ride according to my comfort level.

    People are really helpful and this is the sort of event that hepls us become better riders.
  16. Helllooo :)

    I love this ride.

    Chocolate mill rocks too.

    If I'm free and I can snag a pillion ride (I am offering pillioning mentoring - see thread in new rider section) I am so there. :)
  17. I'll pillion you Rob - but only if we can do some practice beforehand?
  18. It's a strong maybe at this stage, will bring my other half or daughter as pillion for the ride. All depending on work unfortunately.

    So if I sunk the boot in slagging off this ride as a waste of time, I'd be excused? :-k Hmm, tempting..... People, stay the hell away from this one, all it will do is whet your appetite on taking your bike out with a group of strangers and being one with your machine, the elements and the collective. You will get the bug to explore this great brown land of ours will a real sense of freedom. You will fall in a trap of seeking out like minded individuals and waste many a weekend taking the long way from point A to point B. DON'T DO IT. Your non-biker family and friends just won't understand. SAVE YOURSELVES WHILE YOU CAN. :tantrum:

    Nah, in all seriousness, if anyone's thought about going on their first group ride, this would be a great one to pop their cherry. The chocolate was worth the trip alone.
  19. twas' a good ride last year, I will prolly tag along again :)
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