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[VIC] Beginner's Cruise (needs Leader), Sat Oct 7th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: im.on.it (nee)

    For those who have a few hours to spare in the morning and feel like a cruise through some twisties. More experienced riders are welcome to take the lead.

    Meeting point: McD's Carpark Corner of Doncaster / Blackburn Rd
    Meet: 8:45 am
    Departure: 9:...

    ... more

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  2. I'll lead! I'll lead!

    I keeeeding.

  3. here's a map

    right click --> save link as --> pdf_map here


    Rom Rom
    jd - has a long way to travel but no complaints - hardcore
    Chef (mentor/lead)

    LiLEd pending wake up time
    natta pending bike
    The_brick pending wake up time
    Motormouse pending makeup time
    Lil pending wake up time
    Cadbury pending wake up time

    Interested from the other thread yet to confirm
  4. carn Loz I'll follow!! 2 km behind
  5. Im keen on this one see if i get up on saturday to make it.
  6. oh no, i'm gonna go bass station this friday.. i'm newb rider and havent been on a cruise yet... maybe next time.
    does anyone else in this forum hit the rave seen ?
  7. If i get my bike back from the mechanic i am in for this ride. Gotta tackle Chum creek rd again(after spill last week). Could lead, but depending on the bike.
  8. Yep I will come as well. Have not been on a group ride in ages
  9. Hmmmm, may have been interested, but as you feel you need to head off at that un-godly hour i will have to pass. I will however be heading out for a ride later that morning, probably thru the hills around 11-12ish. If anyone else is keen for a ride at a suitable hour then please feel free to post away.

    p.s. I dont really know how to ride. ;)
  10. I'll follow, but unlike im.on.it, I'll be a week behind :p

    Actually, Loz, lets do a run up the GOR next week, I'm on leave for a week :grin:
  11. Vic, can i tag along with you to doncaster? if yes..what time would u be leaving??
  12. WRXDUP, Ill be in a late start but next week, My bike gone to expo and can't get it back til Monday. 8am start on saturday is too early!
  13. Yer on, Vic... Talk later.
  14. Was thinking of heading out around that time, vaguely thinking of a loop through Yea, but no real plans yet. Where you coming from, and what have you got in mind?
    (and how much of a threat to the remaining points on my licence? :LOL: )
  15. Im In!!!!!!!!!

    Went on the last ride organised by Tiga and loved it.

    C u there.

    P.S: Why so early? if we could delay for a few hours I have a couple of friends who would like to join.

  16. So do we have enough starters for a second ride starting, say late morning?
    (Sorry, Not trying to hijack the original event, but I can't make that start time :? )

  17. I have a packed Sunday and wanted to fit the moto expo in on Saturday arvo... be cool if every one slept in and we had the roads to ourselves. but much prefer the company of more bikers.
  18. You should ALL be coming to the expo at midday on saturday to celebrate and watch Team Netrider accept their scooterthon trophy.
    Then you can all go riding on sunday, after all, that's what sunday's are for, isn't it :grin:
  19. Would love to but am moving on the saturday.