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[VIC] Beginner/ Intermediate Gippsland Ride, Sat Jun 28th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Chris

    Meeting Point: Glen Waverly, Brandon Park Shopping Center Carpark
    Melways Ref: p71 C9
    Time: Meet 8:30am for 9am departure
    Please be ready to depart with a full tank

    This ride is mainly for beginner to intermediate riders, but any experienced ...

    ... more

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  2. woot i'll be there...

    EDIT: From Chris; (he's at work / blocked from forums), "the ride is a two day ride, i.e. we are coming back the next day, any questions feel free to ask".
  3. Double woot! I'll be there! :grin: From what I've 'heard' there will be some good stopovers, meals, and sightseeing along the way! :wink: I hear that Gippsland is awesome!

    -Sale East Gippy Ex Patriot! :wink:
  4. Okay... I shall insert the bodycount here:

    Definite Melbourne riders so far...

    1. Chris
    2. Brownyy
    3. Amelia
    4. Jdimitri
    5. cityx (not staying overnight)
    6. cruznyoyo
    7. Wal
    8. Gerald
    9. Phil
    10. Sir Skuffy
    11. Theresa
    12. Ian
    13. Ducky (not staying overnight)
    14. Jeff
    15. spawn (not staying overnight)

    Gippslanders who we'll be looking out for along the way...

    1. mjt57 (not staying overnight)
    2. 2wheelsagain (not staying overnight)
    3. nostress (not staying overnight)

    For all others... please PM me ASAP to let me know if you're ready to be listed!
  5. triple woot!!! ill be there, i suppose i should seeing i put this ride in the calendar :p

    anyway, 3 people so far... wow! 3 people a day signing up until the end of the month would mean roughly 60!!! but i doubt this will be the case... lol. and thanks matt for posting that we come back on sunday... it will be good!

    by the way nice pic amelia... lol.
  6. Oo this sounds fun!

    I'm still on my Ls, do you really mean it when you say beginner?
  7. Hey jdimitri! I'm in on this with Chris and Brownyy (obviously! :wink: ) and L platers will be well taken care of! In fact the three of us are on L's but will most likely have P's before the ride!
    There are a lot of long, straight, scenic roads through Gippsland, and this ride may include a few scenic 'twisties' also. Regular stops also, for food, fuel, wandering, etc!
  8. excuse me Amelia but i an NOT on L's!!! have you ever seen a plate on my bike??

    jdimitri... we are welcoming L's, P's, tourers, scooters, anyone that has a bike can come... welcome abord!
  9. Oooooh! Sorry Chris! Never seen someone so offended by being accidentally labelled an L plater! LOL! A little L-phobic are we?? :wink:
  10. when by?

    when do you need final numbers by? And accomodation is??
  11. ASAP goddie, and a definite yes or no if you can. the sooner we book the better chance we get good cabins. its in the calender (i pretty sure i put it in) that accomodation is $25 for adults, $15 for children if you bring young ones along...if you really need a time to work with, i would like to finalise numbers a week to a week and a half in advance, if i get large enough numbers, i will book early and then just add to it later... hope you can make it mate :)
  12. permission

    see if I can get a permission slip from the boss
  13. You'd think that at this time of the year, that Paynesville would be nearly deserted...

    Anyway, it sounds like an excellent learner's ride. Good roads and getting some valuable experience with winter riding.

    Have fun, folks.

  14. It's school holidays though don't forget! We'll be competing with those crazy kids and parents wanting to pump their lungs with that 'country air'! :wink:

    mjt57 - since you're a Gippslander, if you like we can update you with a map closer to the day, so you can join the group for lunch, dinner, or a few revs on the open road!

    Goddie, good luck with the boss!
  15. Don't forget? I didn't even know! Our youngest is 27...

    Thanks for the invite but I'm otherwise occupied. I have a family do on that weekend. However, I'll keep an eye on this thread. Who knows, if Sunday is free I might be able to head to Leongatha for lunch or something.
  16. Aw man, I got a riding course on the 29th (I think) :( Otherwise I'd come, I'll call the place to confirm dates, otherwise I'm there!
  17. I'm keen, but getting back in to Glen Waverly at 9:30pm means i won't be home till 11:30pm....

    I'll let you know soon.
  18. yeah i guess it can get a little late for people who are a bit out of the city... ill try my best to move the leave time a little earlier so people dont ride home too tired... thanks for raising that fat...

    ps nice bike! hehe :wink:

  19. F.A.T! Awesome to hear you're interested! Chris, Browny and myself put the ride program together for an 'after lunch' departure on the Sunday, so that everyone can explore at their own free will in the morning before we leave, or have a massive sleep in! :wink: Like Chris said, we could consider moving the departure forward an hour, depends on who's a definite and what their needs are!

    So let us know if you're in for sure!

    Ryan: Fingers crossed the dates don't collide for ya! :cool:
  20. time issue

    One thing I am a little iffish about too, is the late return on a sunday nite, not being a night rider myself I am a little concerned. and no, not scared of the dark !! lol just dont normally ride at night..