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[VIC] BBQ/Party to welcome Shayden to the world, Fri 8th Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper

    Seeing as 08.08.08 is meant to be an extremely lucky date, there is no better date to get together and congratulate Carri and Movin on the birth of their gorgeous son Shayden.

    Date: Friday 8th August
    Time: 7:30 till late
    BYO: Meat and drinks.
    I w...

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  2. You sure we aren't just using this as an excuse to sink piss and get drunk Flip :beer:
  3. Maybe :oops: but going by the other list of people, we aren't the only ones ;)
  4. Noting the date... TBC

  5. not sure for us....i think that is the weekend lenna is going skiing and i have my sisters going away :(
  6. With them and you in spirit, Deb :).
  7. Yep, Lenna already let me know that it was same weekend as the skiinng weekend :( I should have checked with her 1st cause I knew it was coming up but didnt know the actual date.
    Plenty party in coming months :wink: :grin:
  8. tigger and i wont be coming it is my birthday and tigger owes me big time!
  9. I shall put in an appearance, as I have nothing planned. :grin:
  10. Either Sarah or I will make an appearance once the little one is in bed.
  11. Sorry guys, we can't make it either :( Claire's sister's 21st that night. Be thinking of you though :)
  12. I'd like to drop in and welcome little Shayden :grin:

    And perhaps say hello to a Netrider or two :wink:

  13. John (Raven) and I will be there too! Not for the BBQ though.
  14. Sorry guys - can't make it as I've got to get up early Sat morning for work...have a great night and once again CONGRATS to the new parents. :)
  15. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rain to stay away [-o< [-o<
    It's looking like it will be a good night with quite a bit of good company :grin:

    although there will be a few of the regular faces missing :(
  16. Ahem, cross them harder Flip.
  17. Told you the man upstairs loves you more than he loves me :p
  18. Actually, when i got home i found out I have ride tickets for this weekend if i want to use them. :mad: :? :evil:
  19. Well that sux Chef :(
    How about you come over early and help me chop wood, thats great for letting out frustration :wink:
  20. big mushy thanks to flip for putting on a great night as always. shayden felt very honoured to have a party on his behalf, even if his parents knew it was just a bloody good excuse to get everyone together who haven't seen much of each other over these winter months... or maybe it's just us who've been a bit out of contact :? :( Anyway, damn good to see everyone. thanks for a lovely night and thank you to those who so thoughtfully bought some little gifts for shay. we're very grateful both for your presence in our lives and your presents to the little man. hugs, c'n'k xx