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[VIC] BBQ Lunch Cruise - Lake Mulwala, Sat Nov 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Simone ( Charmed )

    Paradise Queen Lake Cruise on Lake Mulwala. (Yarrawonga)

    We have two options ...
    1: If numbers under 30 we can go on the 12.45 BBQ Cruise.

    2: If over 30 will do a BBQ Cruise @ 14:30 (2.30pm)

    Cost $18 per head.(for group booking) Fully licence...

    ... more

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  2. As we put the feelers out for a bbq lunch cruise on the lake & got postive feedback, when we were down for the GP, we looked into it. Date a week early then had orginaly planned but with all the xmas do's thats on the lake, lucky we got the 11th.

    Looking for accommodation, you can either ...

    More then welcome to fight & 1st dibs on the queen air bed, & the 2 single army barracks mattress :LOL: we have here, find a piece of floor or pitch a tent. Lock up garage for your bikes.

    Or check out whats available HERE that suits your needs & budget.

    A little more info about the crusie can be found HERE

    Need defiante numbers by Monday 06 Nov 2006
  3. i cant be there :( :( i'll be on way back from some shit hole mine site in Papua
  4. the 11th....is that cup weekend?
  5. doubt it caz.. bit late for the cup.. but its rememberance day.. might be why it stood out in your mind.
  6. Melb cup on Tue 7 Nov, & yeah its Rememberance Day so town will be busy anyway. If you want accommodation suggest you get in early, if you want this BBQ Crusie some other date, then we are pushing our luck between now & easter.

    If there is more then 30 interested Captian will do the later crusie for us. Let me know if still interested & will hold this date.
  7. I'll be in this if I can wing the weekend off from the kids, sounds like a great weekend planned. Will keep checking post for updates and numbers :grin:
  8. OH and i will be there.. mentioned it and for once he's keen, think it because it involves food! :LOL: now to convince him of superbikes.....
    we wont need a place to stay as we only a hour away, but im sure we might be able to put a couple up here too if neccasary..
  9. Due to the boat being booked for xmas parties etc we have to confirm the booking for the 11 Nov, numbers we can confirm closer to the date.

    So far we have ...

    Alli ?
    Wild & other half
    Charmed coven :LOL: ( 5 so far )
  10. Any other takers on a good bbq, soaking up the sun, a lovely cruise on the lake, dont have to worry about cooking & cleanin up the mess. Pretty good deal for $18 - $20 bucks
  11. i might be up for it

    finish exams that week and am off to india warly morning 13th of november..

    is this going to be an overnight trip??

    what time will we be leaving
    and comin back??

  12. You can make it an over night trip if you wish. More then welcome to crash @ our place.

    Its just a little get together, have a bbq lunch on 1 of the boats on Lake Mulwala. What we do after that, just play it by ear. Could go for a quick run over to Toc or something who knows. But the roads are pretty boring up this way.
  13. :LOL: ok you lot you have a week to make up yours minds.
    Numbers need to be confirmed on the 6 Nov & at this point it looks like its the 12.45pm bbq boat cruise.
  14. Those that have shown interest & still planning on coming up & over :LOL: could you please PM me to confirm & for address. As it stands not enough number to make a 'group' booking.

    Not sure if this can be arranged again after easter as there are plans on draining the lake. Amount of water to be realeased into the river system is still to be decided.
  15. Due to the lack of interest & no one getting back to me to confirm,
    We have had to cancel this.

    Bummer really as the weather up here is great & would have been lovely
    Enjoying the cruise on the lake & letting someone else do the cooking etc.

    But if your still looking for a ride, doubt we will be going anywhere now
    So your if your up this way, your more then welcome to pop in.
    Just PM for number etc

    Rach if you other half & lil wild violet still not doing anything or were still planing on coming over, do so, might just fire up the bbq & do it ourselves :LOL: without the water & bloody making sure without the snake