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[VIC] Bass Coast & Prom Ride, Tue Dec 19th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tiga

    As of next Monday I'm on holidays....so a ride is in order to celebrate :)

    In the spirit of taking it easy I've chosen the very scenic Tidal River as the destination for lunch.

    Meeting point is Cranbourne McDonalds at 9:30am

    Route is: Tooradi...

    ... more

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  2. Tiga, that looks like a nice ride. I don't think I'm at the right level to join in with this one, but if you have time you're more than welcome to drop in at my place for a coffee. :)

    I might head down to the Prom later this week :) (edited to add: Riding at my own pace etc).
  3. Rosie you're more than welcome to come. In fact I'd love to have you along! The ride classification is due to the length of the ride, not the speed. Given the roads we did on the Tarra valley ride you are more than capable (and I promise no dirt).

    It will be a ride at your own pace event. If some people want to do warp factor nine and others want to have a nice chilled ride then all good. I'm sure no one will mind waiting a couple of minutes at the re-grouping points. Also the speed limit throughout the national park is 80km and with the amount of wild life around it's worth sticking to it.

    The road between Fish Creek and Tidal River is highlighted as one of about 10 great Victorian Roads in my motorcycle atlas (which is why I've organised the ride there). However, in my opinion it's the scenary that makes it great, not the twisties. It has to be one of the most beautiful roads in spots but for most parts you would need to be going licence losing speed to make the road challenging. For that section at least it will be best to enjoy the atmosphere :)
  4. Hi Tiga ...

    I would have absolutely loved to join in on this awesome ride .. too hard for me being 2 Tuesday's just before Christmas. For me, it is my business that is very busy for this time of the year. Just the nature of it all.

    Although, I would be very interested if ever this ride is done again ...

    Have a fab ride and a great day!! Be thinking of you all ... :(

    Ciao - V8.
  5. Ooops ... that was only ONE Tuesday before Christmas!! :grin:
  6. Bass Coast Ride

    Ahwww bugger still ay work till the beginning of January .
    Enjoy the ride it should be a nice uniteruppted by cager ride.
  7. drove down to wilsons prom late last month. Be careful of road kill, road construction so there is gravel in some parts. Also there are some not so nice roads.
    I think cost for motocycles is $2.90 a day or something.
    Lots of some nice picture perfect places in wilsons prom.

    Have a good trip
  8. Hi natta, is the construction in the national park, the highway or elsewhere?
  9. Hey Tiga, perhaps pm cruisingal...she mentioned something about roadworks down that way.

    Also, thanks but I just realised my youngest daughter's school picnic is on that day. :) If you go through Wonhtaggi, ride past the Guide park and give the kids a few revs. The whole school will be there. :) Have a great ride and I hope the weather stays perfect for it. :)
  10. Put me down as a maybe. Sounds good!
  11. This was late last nov.
    The construction in on the south gippy hwy after leongatha, But they were also doing some road work near fish creek.
    Maintainace work was being done in the national park, like cutting trees and moving grass on the side of the road.
  12. Hi Tiga,

    at this stage I have next Tuesday off so count me in, this is only my second group netrider ride, unfortunately I missed the Walhalla ride recently so I'm looking forward to a full days riding this time round. I'll also invite a friend of mine, he works weekends so should be free to come along. The long range forcast is looking good too.

    Riding all day while almost everyone else I know is at work. Priceless,

  13. Aww Poooo. i would luv t come but too busy
  14. That sounds like a nice ride Tiga. I'm a definite maybe, and will confirm closer to the date.
  15. How did I miss this ride?!

    I'm at PI on Monday, so if I am not totally rooted, I'll be there!

    And it's Warp Factor 12...
  16. Thanks natta, I've been through the south gippy hwy construction twice in the past month and it's no drama. I also suspect that now it's the busy tourist season, any work within the national park will either be finished or clearly marked. Should be no problem there
  17. pedro - no problem, it's alway's good to meet some new people.

    BTW: If your friend is not familiar with corner marking it would be helpful if you could explain that before the ride. I'll go through it on the day, but I've found in the past it works better if that's not people's first exposure to the concept.

    Loz, Roberick, cejay - great too see some of the usual suspects may come. Should be a fun ride with you guys there :grin:
  18. maybe i'm not fit for work come tuesday :cough: :cough:
  19. I will try to make it
    just put new tryes on the bike today so i needed a excuse to go riding
    if i'm not there on time dont wait
  20. bonjoji - I'm pretty sure I can hear you coughing from here. You definitely need some time off next week. Wouldn't want to go into the Christmas season with the flu :wink:

    brick - it would be fantastic to have you along. Haven't seen you in ages :)