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[VIC] BANGR Birthday Party, Sat Jul 29th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Brendan

    I am going to have a few drinks Beer Chug and a BBQ for my birthday. It will be not much, the BBQ is there, I will have stuff for it, or you can bring your own. Just would like to have a few friends over and have a great night.

    Beds if required jus...

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  2. Piss up at Brendans \:D/

    Can i bring the corolla around to do some lanscaping of the block? :p
    Would suggest using the Vitara but don't think Deb would be in that. :LOL:
  3. :woot: i'm there :beer:
    i reckon i'm doing more socialising than riding at the moment :LOL: :LOL:

    thx bren, looking forward to it :grin:
  4. What time does this lil' shin dig kick-off? :)
  5. Cool I'll be there :grin:

    Save some floor space for me Bren, goin to bring my blow up mattress although I'm sure the floor would appear as comfy after a few too many drinks :wink:
  6. Me three \:D/
  7. Cool - no work sunday ......... look forward to it :grin:
  8. Hey BB, when did you clock a 1000 posts?????

    I'm almost there... Sat 29th can be the Bangr's bday and 1000 posts party!... sorry Bangr, didn't mean to hijack the party. :)
  9. hey bren.. in for sure man.. save me some floor space..

    kerry - no after shock okay!
  10. BLOW UP MATRESS....... what sort of a lowlife biker rebel are you ... sheeez, next thing you'll be telling me you drink Southern Comfort in lieu of Jack, and wear coloured jocks.....
    ...... what's the world coming too????

    p.s 1000 POSTS woot woot .......
  11. Well done :grin: ........ so Robslavv??? :p
  12. What -you have paddocks/vacant land? Hmmmmm. KTM, knobby tyres, beer, wooohooo :LOL: :LOL: I can feel an injury coming on already :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Just got to recover from the current round of cracked ribs :oops:
  13. just busy 'moderating' .......... :wink:
  14. Will it be like a school fare where the kids get to ride the pony....or in this case..the Ducati? :twisted:
  15. :woot: BB 1000 posts

    :woot: Nobby 1000 posts

    :woot: Bren's bday

    No woot for Rob yet... post 986 and counting. :)
  16. I'll be there! Thanks Bren. :grin:

    I'd like to stake a claim on some floor space too please. :)
  17. I'm there. Can't wait for the special stuff...
  18. Thanks for the invite Bren, but can't make it. I'll be stuck in a bar with 50 drunken 19 year old girls while dressed like a pirate !!! But still consider you party to be the better offer. :grin: :grin:
  19. Pirate p0rn... do u need to borrow my digital video camera :wink:

    bring them along to Bren's... they'll be well looked after :twisted:
  20. Sorry mate, will be 300kms away, you will have to settle for kraven bringing his little sister :grin: :grin: