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[VIC] Bangers & Cash Fund Raising Ride For Cystic Fibrosis V

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Shane Brightman

    On Sunday 9th of April, a fund raising ride has been organized to aid fund raising for Cystic Fibrosis Victoria.
    Meeting from 8.30am at McDonalds Pakenham for registration, and departing at 9.30am for morning tea at Noojee, and lunch at Mossvale Park....

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  2. A quick reminder about the upcoming Bangers and Cash Ride, on Sunday 9th of April.
    As for the route(s), intermediate-experienced riders will head from Pakenham to Woori Yallock, Yarra Junction, Powelltown and on to Noojee for morning tea. After morning tea, head for Hill End, to Willow Grove, Head south for Trafalgar, through Thorpedale and Mirboo North, then onto Mossvale Park(near Berrys Creek) for lunch.

    Should there be beginner riders, a second group will head through Pakenham, and south of the railway line to Nar Nar Goon, where the group will follow the railway line to Longwarry, and then onto Drouin for morning tea. After morning tea, through Drouin South, and Athelone to Poowong, then Ranceby to Korumburra. At Korumburra you join the Sth. Gippsland Hwy and travel to Leongatha, where you take the Strezlecki Hwy to Mossvale Park and lunch.
    Lunch will consist of snags(of course), with soft drinks, tea and coffee. Should you be vegetarian, please let me know so I can cater for you(vegie snags of course).
    The afternoons ride will be decided by the ride leaders, with due consideration to time and weather, and will finish at MRAA HQ for those who wish to make a pit stop.

    Should you have any questions, please post them here or send me a PM.

    Hope to see you there. I only ask that you notify your participation to help with catering.

  3. I am not gunna miss this one I will be there and I have two maybes at the moment which I will confirm monday or tuesday
    Just one question where is the MRA HQ :?:
  4. Thanks TAZ, MRA HQ is in Dandenong South, stop there is mainly as a finishing point and toilet stop.
  5. Who is going to be attending this one?
  6. Hello Shane
    for those of us with smaller tanks (Me)
    will there be a stop to fuel up
    at Launching place ?
    and seeing i have not been to Noojee for many many years is there fuel there ?

  7. I have a brand new hot pink helmet that I have to test out this weekend, so weather permitting, I will have to turn up for this ride. :grin:
  8. Do you have the matching pink pants yet?
    That will make it a complete set. :)
  9. Not me now :cry:
  10. :( You can borrow Ads FZR600 if you wish??
  11. no just the jacket and helmet. The chaps are absolutely gorgeous, and I have been told I should get them. But....... dont know :? Have to give it a bit more thought. :grin:
  12. I think there cute, the baby blue is a bit bbllerrrhh i think.
  13. I still liked the baby blue, but you only have to look at my sig to guess what my favourite colour is.

    But on a safety level, the pink jacket has made me so visable now. I not only love the style, workmanship and colour, but it helps visibitlity immensely. Now you have to be happy about that. :grin:

    I have received so many mixed emotions over the chaps though. From "you just have to get them" to "they will make you look like a #$*&"
  14. I often think the same on the chaps, but each person carries them differently. Maybe they can make them into full pants?
  15. I of course will be wearing basic black. I find it blends in well with the surroundings, it complements my black saddle bag ensemble and is offset slightly by the blood red fuel tank and the red stripes on the gloves. :wink:

    The whole lot is completed by the black tape on the visor which adds a new dimension as a sunvisor. :wink:

    What are the rest of the boys wearing? :p

    Shane. Should have room for a pillion if they have lid etc. AND if they are game.

    Pity my fellow r65ls rider won't be there though. :cry:
  16. I dont know why they did not come out in pants in the first place :?
    But I have found a white pair of flared leather motorbike pants which have a stripe along the leg. But white may get too dirty.
    Not that I use them everyday !! :shock:
  17. My daughter loves these [OK she's 12 but they are pink]

  18. Maybe you can get them dyed? our drycleaners dyes leather goods.
    Or perhaps email the pplace and see if they will make a special order for you? can't hurt to ask i guess.

    I wear draggins, hated my leather pants, to bulky and restrictive with all the armour (yes i know its good to have).
    Now im looking for some leather jeans.
  19. Are you suggesting something Matti? :wink: :LOL:

    But seriously, thanks Matti. I have seen the joe rocket pink but it is a different shade of pink to the Icon pink. You need to be colour co-ordinated you know. :LOL:
    I know, I know, I can hear it from here. But what can I say. I am a girl! :shock: :LOL: