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[VIC] Bailey Rd & Paternoster Rd, Emerald.

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by oz-riley, Apr 6, 2013.

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    06-04-2013 There has been road works to widen the shoulder of Bailey Rd from the intersection of Bailey and Paternoster Rds, in sections, down to Pakenham Rd.

    There is still a lot of gravel on the road, even though they sent a street sweeper over most of it.
    The intersection of Bailey and Paternoster Rds is the worst section, this is a corner most bikes will hit pretty fast, so if you are up this way watch out.


    This is the back way into Cockatoo.

    Stay safe. (y)

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  2. 13-04-2013, Update, this intersection still has a lot of gravel on the road. as the cages cut the corner they bring more gravel onto the road. Will stay a problem until they seal the shoulder.

    Also further down towards Pakenham Rd, they have continued to widen the shoulder of the road with more road works, in the section just before the Bridge over Cockatoo Creek there is a lot of Red Clay on the Road, and as it is a little wet this morning this clay is very slippery.

    Stay Safe. (y)
  3. It was OK today apart from patches of gravel at the intersection of the two roads. Really nasty potholes on the Gembook Rd just after the roundabout.