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[VIC] Avalon Speedway evening ride, Sat Feb 21st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: madmaxoz

    If anyone is interested in a ride (or drive) Saturday night, I will be going to the Avalon Speedway. If you have never been, it is a fun night....just don't wear a suit or dress! Bring a picnic basket, drinks, blanket (plastic sheet depending on wher...

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  2. and don't sit next to the fence in the middle of the corners at each end either :p
  3. That'll be awesome. I haven't been to the speedway for ages.

    Might try and make it out. What's on?
  4. Speedcars,
    V8 Dirt Modifieds,
    Junior Sedans

    and something special :-$
  5. report from speedway night

    Looks like I sent out the ride details too late as only 2 of us turned up.

    We went via the freeway, then did the last 10 k's on the Old Melbourne Rd which is great if you want to avoid the freeway.

    18 races, lots of crashes and dirt flying everywhere. It is a great experience if you have never been before, but we only had a blanket, chairs would have been better as there was little grass to sit on.


  6. I was there as well :p

    Did you enjoy the Tank vs caravan??
  7. speedway new sport...

    Was that you leaving at the end with the big riding boots?

    Tank was ok but a little one sided. more fun would have been 3 caravans with a volunteer inside 1 and the tank not knowing which 1. Then he just runs over a caravan. If the volunteer survives....they get to keep the confiscated grog!

    Could invent a new sport....blood speedway.
  8. Re: speedway new sport...


    No, From memory I was wearing cargo pants and a Sandown 500 polo shirt all day & night.

    I spent the night filling in for the guy who does the radios & PA stuff out there so sat in the commentary box spectating.