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[Vic] Aussie SuperBikes - Winton. 21st Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Removed_User_6, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Any one here going to the Aussie Supers at winton next month??? Weekend of the 19th-20th-21st. This is a fantastic class of racing that gets nowhere near the support it deserves. Every other country Ive been to this would attract thousands, but sadly us Aussies don't seem to support our locals on home soil. Instead we wait until they make it in the motogp or WSBK before start cheering for them...

    So come on People lets make more of an effort to support the best racing our country has to offer....
  2. how far away is winton?
  3. It's a suburb of Benalla ... about 2.5-3hrs from Melb and approx. 200km
  4. Just north of Benalla towards Wangaratta Here is a >> REGION MAP <<
  5. I will be coming back from Brisbane so I may just drop in for a view.....
  6. Suburb :shock: more like the next dot on the map up the highway from Benalla.

    As Mouth said, it's 200km from Melbourne and takes about 2 hours from the city to get there at the limit (official state speed limit not the bikes limit).

    Head up the Hume and follow the signs after Benalla. Be careful on the run home as you're sharing the road with the Volvo & Subaru drivers coming home from a weekend at the snow :roll:

    Best spot to sit is near the old control tower (white building) you can see the whole track from there and a great veiw of T1-4 on the first lap of each race. Is also close to food & the bar for some in here. [-X

    Shame the side cars aren't running there this year as I'd like to have seen the Poms in action after watching them at Eastern Creek & Barbagallo so far this year.
  7. i wil be busy that weekend
  8. Looks like a good enough excuse to do the kinglake west -> Yae road again (on the way).. :)

    If the weather's good I'm keen to ride up for one of the days (prolly Sunday).. I used to enjoy the SB racing at Barbagello so I expect it'll be excellant racing....

  9. Sounds like a good way to clear the head after the red wine night, a nice long ride :)
  10. You could even do the Mansfield - Whitfield Road as well if you're real keen :wink: and approach the track from the Wangaratta side.
  11. I've still got to find my left roo whistle and chunk of fairing so I might go and see if VicRoads have added the warning signs and dropped the recommended corner speed as they said they would on the corner I came off on.
  12. To get you in the mood, the Mallala round main races are on Ch10 this Sunday from 1-2pm.

    Before you ask, the support classes have been and gone on Speedweek.
  13. Count me in for this :)

    We'll make a day ride of it too, and meet-up in Melb for those wanting to go.

    Will be great to see Chad Turbull on his Team Dynoverks bike whizzing around the track with the Netrider sticker emblazzoned on the bike.

    GO CHAD!!!! Come on Netriders, who else wnats to come up and support Chad? :)
  14. YMF Loan ASC Winton Rnd 5 Spectator Information

    From the series web site

    YMF Loan ASC Winton Rnd 5 Spectator Information

    Round 5 Winton Raceway Benalla Victoria Sunday 21st August
    The fifth round of the YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship at Winton Raceway on Sunday the 21st August is just about upon us after the long mid winter break. It seams like an eternity since rounds 3 and 4 were held on the other side of the county in W.A and S.A respectively. If there is a circuit that will sort the champions out from the also rans then Winton is that circuit, it is one of Australia's most physically demanding and challenging race circuits that year in year out often is the deciding round of the ASC series. With less then three weeks to go before round 5 now is the time to start planning your trip to experience your next dose of Australia's best racing action.

    The Australian Superbike Championship might be called the Superbike championship but it is no one horse race though this series has great support classes in Supersport, Superstock, FX Pro-Twins, Nakedbikes, 125GP, Sidecars and the Formula Xtreme Future Champions. Both Saturday and Sunday are packed with quality racing action aplenty. No other motorsport series, whether they be on two or four wheels, in this country has the depth of talent or such great support classes as the ASC does. There are no gimmicks or gap fillers, the ASC is a complete racing experience for the motorsport fan.

    For The Families: The new ASC super series which; combines both the old ASC and the previous eastern seaboard only Formula Xtreme TT series is focused towards family participation. That is why we have made it so family friendly admission price wise. A family pass is only $50 with upto 5 children for free per family group. On top of that parking and admission to the pit area is also free for all.

    Ride Your Bike To The Track: If you are traveling to the circuits by motorcycle then you will be able to park in special restricted pit and bike parking areas.

    Lunch Time Entertainment: In the lunch break spectators will be invited into pit lane to see first hand up close and personal the Superbike racers and their amazingly fast machines. So head down to pitlane and get your favorite racers autograph on a YMF Loan series poster.

    ASC Merchandise is also available at each round of the series. The ASC Merchandise van has a vast array of supporters merchandise available at each round. Items include T-Shirts, polo's, caps, women's lycra tops, bucket hats, flags and more.

    Superbike Club Hospitality Packages: This is a great new addition to the ASC for those race fans either in a group or on their own wanting to experience the countries best motorsport series live in the comfort of a hospitality suite for as little as $199 per person. This includes G.A ticket, VIP Parking Area, a full sit down lunch, Pit walks, Rider interviews, Giant Screen to see all the racing action, cash bar facilities. For full information on packages available log onto www.ticketmaster7.com or check out www.excitemanagement.com.au

    With all of the attractions at each event, all that remains now is for you to get out to the event sit back and enjoy all of the on and off track action.

    Round 5 of the 2005 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship Series includes the following classes:

    - YMF Loan Superbike

    - YMF Loan Supersport

    - GYT-R Superstock

    - FX Pro-Twins

    - AMCN 125GP

    - Yamalube NakedBike - Nakedbike-Lites

    - FlexiRider Insurance Formula Xtreme C&D Grade Future Champions

    Rnd 5- TRACK FACTS – Winton Raceway

    Location: Near Benalla.

    Circuit length: 3 km

    Direction: Clockwise


    Saturday, Qualifying commences at 09:00am, with racing from approx 2:00pm.

    Sunday, The first race commences at 10:00am. Racing finishes at approx 4.00pm


    Tickets available through Ticketmaster7 prior to the event or at the gate.

    Saturday, General Admission Adult - $20

    Sunday, General Admission Adult - $30

    Family Pass, 2 Adults and upto 5 children under 16 - $50

    Two-day Pass - $30

    Concessions - $20

    Children Under 16 - FREE

    Pit Area Admission – FREE

    Parking – FREE

    Programs - $5.00

    (All admission prices include GST)
  15. AAAhhhhh Darn it.... I gotta go to Woolongong for two weeks..... SPEWIN....
  16. TRADING POST & AUSCO Announce ASC Sponsorship Deal

    TRADING POST & AUSCO Announce ASC Sponsorship Deal

    AUSCO is very pleased to welcome on board a new sponsor for the Winton round of the YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship which will be run on Sunday the 21st August.
    The new sponsor just happens to be the largest print and internet classified advertising outlet in Australia the Trading Post.

    As part of the package the YMF Loan ASC Winton round will be receive colour stories and advertising in both the metro and regional Victorian Trading Post magazines along with banner adverts in the hugely successful Trading Post website. The Victorian issues are on sale in the Albury NSW district so they provide great exposure for the Winton round in all the major population areas with in easy driving distance of one of the countries most challenging race circuits.
    The big news for competitors is that there will be a $1,000 prize up for grabs in the Superbike class for the competitor who goes home at the end of the round after first setting during either of the two Sunday Superbike races and then holding on to the new Superbike lap record. New lap records have been the norm at YMF Loan ASC rounds in 2005 and this bonus will provide 1000 good reasons for another Superbike lap record to be set.

    While providing such a fantastic prize for the Superbike competitors the Trading Post has not overlooked its loyal readers either. There will be a bonus for first 1000 spectators who attend the Winton round they will receive a free Trading Post paper so they can find some bargains in between races.

    The Trading Posts generosity has not stopped there, people who purchase this weeks Victorian Trading Post will find a $5.00 discount coupon for the Winton round, some *conditions apply.

    AUSCO’s Terry O'Neill said; ‘We have been building a closer working relationship with the Trading Post since the W.A round earlier this year and look forward to finding ways of building on this potentially mutually beneficial arrangement for the future.’ O’Neill added; ‘To have such a dynamic go ahead media outlet like the Trading Post sponsoring the ASC is a great thing for the sport’

    Trading Post’s Andy MacFeate said; ‘Following on from our involvement in both WA and SA earlier in the season, we are proud to be building our relationship with the Australian Superbike Championship. Trading Post is now the number one automotive classifieds site in Australia and motorcycles being the second largest category after cars. It is a great opportunity to be involved with a pro-active organization (AUSCO) that has such a strong following in Australia with the ASC series, just like the Trading Post!”

    * This offer will be limited to one coupon per patron and will only be accepted providing it is the original cut out coupon from the Trading Post paper. Copies will not be accepted.

    "Bolding" of paragraphs was done by PVDA to make them stand out better for those thinking of going to Winton.
  17. So who's making the trek up seeing it's only a week away??

    I'm there from Thursday and I might even identify myself if the oportunity arises over the course of the weekend :p
  18. aw, go on, Wollongong's not that bad! You up here now???

  19. Nope.. Not yet. My trip has been postphones untill next month. I will be staying in the Gong, but working in Aspen....

    And as an update I will be going to the Aus SBK :D :D , staying at a caravan park in Banella from Friday until Sunday.....