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[VIC] Aussie Day BBQ at HQ, Sun Jan 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper


    All welcome to a BBQ to celebrate Australia Day

    Address: HQ (Mulgrave) PM for the address if you don't have it.
    Time: 5pm onwards
    BYO: Meat and drinks

    I will supply salads and nibblies.
    Some beds will be available, 1s...

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  2. If you have already replied on Facebook, I have included you in the numbers :)
  3. Hmm, don't all post at once people. Clearly I must be the only one not using Facebook, or this is going to be a very quiet Oz Day. :p

    I could be using the the three-day weekend to catch up on stuff I need to do for work - but that's hardly in keeping with the tradition of the day now is it.

    Count me in :).
  4. Cool JD, cya tomorrow.
    Don't think it will be too quiet tho.
    FB is showing 13 definites and 36 maybes.
    Just sent a message out to all maybes to get a better idea of numbers for salads and stuff :)
    As it's going to be a nice day and all, this one might as well be on the roof :wink:
  5. Is this open to anyone?
  6. Yep, open to all. Always good to meet new faces at HQ :)
    Will PM you the address.
  7. I'm not sure it's a face you'll want to see Flip.. :LOL:
  8. Something you're not telling me Macca? :? :shock:
  9. Nates OK, just make sure you've got big paper bags on hand.. :p

    (He's gonna kill me!)
  10. Will plastic safeway bags do? :cool:
  11. :shock: How rude! Right, no cookies for you! :LOL:

    Don't blame me, I'm under influences of those I live with!!

    Thanks Deb, shall see you there!
  12. count me in Deb :grin:
    if you could PM me the addy that would be great!
    see you there with my big thick bloody chunk of steak :cool:
  13. Sorry Deb, didnt check email till late on mebbe confirmation front :? Hope you had a good one :grin:
  14. :? id rather not
  15. Sorry Robin, only just saw your post. :cry:
  16. hahah all good. stupid me didnt read much and assumed it was TODAY :p
    got me some steak and some kanga kebabs, only to notice the fine print :LOL:

    bbq for 1 it is :grin:
  17. Thanks for your kind hospitality again Deb :)

    Had a great night catching up with everyone. See you all next time we are in Melbourne :cool:
  18. Yeah cheers for the beer. Thank (whoever's god is the flavour of the century) that nobody took the pic of me being there and the antics.

    Hope everybody had a good Aussie day :)