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[VIC/AUS] LAMS and penalties

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by qsign, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I have posted thread “LAMS and penalties”, but it get locked and I do not understand why.

    Question is – what penalties in VIC (and for this merit in other states) for riding non-LAMS bike while license still subject to LAMS. Please understand me correctly I do not suggest to anyone doing that, not I plan to do it by myself – as for me personally voiding of insurance is way good enough reason do not even think about it. However from curiosity I was trying to search such info and could not find it. Why on the Earth it could be taboo? Everyone know (or should know or easy could find out) that for example overspeeding for less then 10 km/hr (s)he will get 1 demerit point + 1 penalty point. So what is wrong to know what happens with LAMS in this regard?

    PS is you not interested – please ignore this post.

  2. Well I would assume it would have something to do with breaching the terms and conditions of the forums.

    Also why would we encourage anyone, especially A Learner/inexperienced rider, to break the law. A law which is in place for your own good. I do not want an inexperienced rider getting around on a liter bike and maybe whiping out some kids or them selves because they did not have enough experience to ride it safely.

    Just because you can pass a learners test or the licence test does not mean you are experienced enough to ride a bike outside of your restrictions.

    That fairly well sums it up. Also appending it the fact you will be just another "Hoon" rider, ruining it for the rest of us when/if you do crash your bike and injure or kill an innocent bystander.

    Grow up, get some riding skills get your Unrestricted licence. It is not like your restricted to ride a very limited number of bikes.

    edit:// As to some of the arguments, if you have an accident you can get done for outside of your class, your insurance may not pay out, if it's not at your fault the other parties insurance may not pay out(If they can find a way) There is a not insubstantial fine, atm, and talks of demerit points, and possibly even linking it to the hoon legislation so the can confiscate your bike.

    in the end we just don't want another dead/disabled/injured Rider(Or unrider i am not sure if that applies in cases like these) because you didn't take the opportunity to learn on abike that is more suitable, and you ended up out riding your skill.

    edit 2 :// It is also considered very rude not to introduce yourself before asking questions.
  3. You obviously have no skills with the search function :roll: FFS how many times do we have to cover this? Smee, can we get a sticky?

    Do a search and type in 'restriction penalty'

    I got 14 threads with relevant information.

    Now can we lock this please?
  4. That's a pretty long bow to draw mate. Many people in different countries quite capably ride big bikes when they start learning. Some of us here did too... :-w
  5. Mate, though I may be never grew up, I am 46 right now.

  6. I believe there may be a mature age exemption to the lams scheme in your state? look into it.
  7. The current review of the regulations (see https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65310 mentions introducing demerit points for riding a non-approved bike.

    I don't know how many yet but the fine will rise significantly (and I suspect 3 points). It wouldn't suprise me to see the penalty come closer to that for riding unlicenced.
  8. Thanks for that. I have found answer on Google base on your keywords “Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 1999 211B(1)(a) “. There is link: http://austlii.org/au/legis/vic/num_reg/rsamcsar2008n59o2008771/s4.html

    1.05 penalty units and looks like no demerits points


    PS thread may be locked should moderators feel like this
  9. Which is what he said.

  10. without any sort of introduction Dougz, I thought it best to treat it like a new licence holder, rather than someone who has been around for a bit. But yeah its a bit harsh.

    and 46 isn't old. A few of my customers are over 100!
  11. Cool. Trust me - I spend quite a few hours before bothering you. I need to know real keyword "1999 211B(1)(a) " and he gladly give me it.

  12. And it's actually 3 penalty units...
    the NSW database you were looking at was wrong.

    I obtained this from VicRoads.

    Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 1999
    S.R. No. 26/1999

    211B Restrictions affecting certain motor cycle riders
    (1) The holder of a motor cycle licence who has held that licence for a
    period of less than 12 months
    must not—
    (a) drive a motor cycle other than a learner approved motor cycle; or
    (b) drive a motor cycle on which there is a pillion passenger.

    Penalty: 3 penalty units.

    (2) The holder of a motor cycle learner permit must not—
    (a) drive a motor cycle other than a learner approved motor cycle; or
    (b) drive a motor cycle on which there is a pillion passenger.
    Penalty: 3 penalty units

    I believe that the current penalty unit is $110.12.

    Which makes for a fine of $330.36

    Road Safety (Drivers) (Learner Approved Motor Cycle Scheme and Other Amendments) Regulations 2008 S.R. No. 61/2008
  13. 3 penalty units seems more of deterrant. 1 penalty unit would be ridiculous.
  14. And lets not forget (GOD I GET SICK OF SAYING THIS)
    You WILL NOT BE insured when you hit that mercedes benz.
    Got $20-50,000 handy?

    No? then I hope you own a house / property / land, because its theirs!
  15. i have heard of people being find a fair bit more tha $120 for this.
  16. And I get sick of saying this...

    You MAY be insured depending on your insurance company. I've seen it happen now with 2 x people I know, but your best bet is to assume you aren't.
  17. my mate gets booked from time to time
    $119, no points
  18. With respect, qsign asked for the penalties - plural. Leaving aside the issue of jurisdiction, TonyE is also perfectly correct - the potential fine is significantly higher than the on-the-spot penalty. I imagine that, if you're done for a package of offenses and headed for court, it might be better to budget on forking out more than $119.
  19. Meaning money and/or demerit points.