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Vic - Assisted Rides Programme

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. OK the program which was released this week but overshadowed by the VicPol stuff is at this location...

    If you are eligible I strongly urge you to go for it. It will be some really good on-road mentoring and you get a $90 voucher for it.

    Enrol in the VicRide: on-road coaching program and take a 4 hour on-road coached ride with two other recently licensed riders and an experienced rider trainer who will give you feedback on your riding style.

    The program is being delivered as part of a research project to understand the impact of the VicRide: on-road coaching program on motorcyclist safety.

    Because it is a research project, there are a couple of important things you need to know before continuing:

    * Half of the participating riders will take part in the coached on-road ride 1-4 weeks after enrolling (the Ride Group). The other half of the group will take part in this ride at the end of the study in about 12 months time (the Delayed Ride Group).

    * If you agree to take part, you will be allocated to one of these groups randomly by computer. This means you cannot choose whether to take part in the ride immediately or at the end of the 12 months.

    * Riders in both groups will be interviewed about their riding experience at three stages over the 12 months.

    * Riders in the Delayed Ride Group are really important to the study. By comparing their progress to that of the group who take part in the on-road ride immediately, we will be able to determine whether any differences are due to the program or just general riding experience.

    * Riders in both groups will receive a $90 gift card and a free high visibility vest to compensate for their time.

    The on-road ride will take place at one of four locations: Somerton, Kilsyth, Warragul or Bendigo. In order to take part in the on-road ride, you must:

    * hold a probationary or restricted Victorian motorcycle licence (if you hold a learner permit you need to wait until you have gained your motorcycle licence before you can take part)

    * have ridden at least 500 km on-road over a minimum of 12 rides since obtaining your learner permit

    * be in the first year since you gained your motorcycle licence (i.e. on a LAMS restriction)

    * ride your own motorcycle (minimum of 125cc, no scooters)

    * have mastered basic motorcycle riding skills.
  2. Tony being pedantic I know, but, is that "P" plates or any stage of a probationary licence? (2nd year etc)?
  3. I'm literally bursting to say something scathing about VP and VR at the moment, but this is actually a really, really good thing. Hope it takes off.
  4. Sorry - it's explicit.

    You must be in the first year since you gained your motorcycle licence.
  5. There was a few threads about something like this not long ago under the guise of Monash University research and it was very unpopular.

    Is it the same thing?
  6. yes...

    HART are training the trainers and MUARC are managing the project. But it is being independently evaluated...

    Minister's Media Release


    A world-first trial of on-road coaching for beginner motorcycle riders was announced today as part of a Brumby Labor Government strategy to improve motorcycle safety on Victorian roads.

    Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas launched the unique VicRide: on-road coaching trial today and said finding new ways to improve safety was vital as motorcyclists were among the most vulnerable people using the road.

    “We understand Victorians are concerned about road safety, which is why the Brumby Labor Government is improving community safety to drive down the road toll,” Mr Pallas said.

    “The VicRide trial is a world first. No other on-road motorcycle safety program has been implemented on such a large scale or evaluated as comprehensively.

    “This on-road trial will include 2,400 newly licensed riders and will show how effective coaching can be in making motorcyclists safer road users.

    “Motorcyclists are 38 times more likely to be seriously injured in a crash than car drivers and passengers. Novice riders in particular have a high crash involvement.

    “Since 2002 there has been a reduction in motorcyclist fatalities by 31 per cent in Victoria compared to an increase of 19 per cent for the rest of Australia.

    “However, this year we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of riders being killed on our roads – with 32 dead almost double the number at the same time last year.”

    Mr Pallas said the VicRide coaching trial would help improve safety, with half the participants to be given on-road guidance from experienced coaches.

    The other half will ride without coaching and the results of the two groups will be compared to determine the effectiveness of the program.

    “The trial will improve our understanding of the benefits of on-road coaching for beginners and the findings will assist us in determining how it could be used in the future,” Mr Pallas said.

    “Each rider who participates in the trial will receive a four-hour coaching session involving a variety of city and country riding, and participation in interviews. The coach will discuss riding styles, provide advice, hints and feedback, and demonstrate safe riding skills.”

    The trial, developed with the support of the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council, will be conducted by Monash University Accident Research Centre and independently evaluated by The George Institute for International Health.

    Note: I have a lot of confidence in the George Institute - they have done a lot of motorcycle work and have people like Liz de Rome who wrote The Good Gear Guide and is very positive towards motorcycling.

    Recruitment for the trial will begin immediately and is expected to take several months.

    The trial is part of the Government’s Powered Two Wheelers Action Plan 2009-2013 strategy released last year, which promotes safety and better integration of motorcycles across the Victorian transport network.
  7. That thread concerned itself with what some of us thought of MUARC, not the VicRide scheme itself.

    I think it's worth differentiating between the actual rides and direct feedback to participants, and suspicions about what MUARC might do with the data.

    Even the gathering of data per se is a good thing. Some of us just don't trust what may be done with it (NOT a reason to not participate IMO.).
  8. I agree, the more training, feedback, etc that you can get the better. That was mentioned in the other thread and was shot down as utter crap. The strong message was that you should have nothing to do with the MUARC in any form.

    It will be interesting to see what those people say now it is supported by the MRAVic

    Link to the other thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=112593
  9. as I said above...

    The trial, developed with the support of the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council, will be conducted by Monash University Accident Research Centre and independently evaluated by The George Institute for International Health.
  10. More incentive for me to do my p test coupled with the $50 discount hart are offering to do the test in the next 3 months.

    I think I saw one of these rides on somerton road a few weekends ago near hart somerton.
  11. Just filled it out. If I'm in the treatment group I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. Damn I ride a CT110 so there goes my eligibility.
  13. I got a letter yesterday from vicroads asking me to participate. I have signed on and will post some feedback if I am chosen to take part.
  14. what is the gift voucher for?
  15. The form just says it's for a retailer of their choosing. So it could be anything. You don't receive it until the last phone interview anyway, which would be at least 12 months after registation. The real benefit is the four hours of free training.
  16. Just got the letter on this today. Very relieved when I opened it as it looks like a speeding fine notification 8-[

    I guess they must be sending it to everyone still on restrictions. To quote from the letter

    It seems like it's a really good thing. The first statistic given in the quote is one (with different values) that I discussed a couple of months ago in this blog post.
  17. They are trying to make it sound as if it's a reaction to this years spike...

    This program has been under development for about 12 months.
  18. I got mine the other day as well but it wasn't a letter more like a flier, piece of cardboard folded in 3 with my details on the back and all the info about the scheme on the inside. It has
    Congratulations Oscar on gaining your motorcycle licence.
    Now you have passed the test, I would like to invite you to participate in a world-first trial VicRoads is offering to riders.

    etc etc.

    I'll sign up and see what happens.
    Sounds like a great thing.
  19. Just completed my first telephone interview not 10 minutes ago.

    I found the questions to be leading, poorly explained and very open ended. A few particular questions come to mind:

    How often do you go on long rides?.....I asked for a defintion on "long" but none could be given.

    How often do you change gears for a corner?......I had to ask as to what she was talking about, of course I'm going to change gears if I take a corner that requires it, so as often as I take a 'medium' corner.

    In the past 3 months, how many near misses have you had?.....riding almost every day, almost everywhere means I was well over the maximum 20 alowed.

    I know the questions are trying to guage general views and whatnot, but a lot of them you are asked to give a difinitive answer to a non-defined question. Apart from that it was ok. I was selected for the ride in 12 months group. Guess I'll know more then.
  20. I had a phone interview last night, as luke said, questions were fairly ordinary with most being "duh, the flamin obvious!"

    Anyway, gave me a ref no and to call HART and they've put me in for Sat 17th Jul at Kilsyth between 10 and 2PM for a ride and instructor assessing my riding.
    Strange thing is I had to pay a $50 deposit I'll get back on the day.
    Apparently to make sure riders turn up..

    Should be interesting.