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[VIC] Assaulted by man in a van (QBV 559)

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mike89, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Riding along Citylink this morning (around 10 am), in the right hand lane (left wheel track).

    Admittedly, I wasn't paying as much attention as usual as I got the fright of my life when a white van suddenly overtook me... IN MY OWN LANE :-s

    I start blasting my horn and the driver of the van, clearly on the phone, gives me the finger and proceeds with his maneouver, forcing me into the other lane (thankfully I was riding defensively and had no one alongside me).

    The whole thing shook me up, so I got off at Batman avenue rather than going through the tunnel with him... alas, he cut across traffic to do the same (and ahead of me, too).

    On Batman Av, he stops well short of the lights and starts gesturing at me and yelling at me in his mirror, then talking into his phone about me. Eventually he starts driving and catches the tail end of a traffic light queue, where he continues yelling shit.

    I'm still fuming over him almost killing me on the freeway, so I yell back a "What the **** were you thinking!?" which prompts him to get out of his van and start yelling "Get off that bike and fight me you ****ing pussy". I start revving up getting ready to get out of there, and he takes a swing at me (landing it on my jacket with little effect). I mount the curb and hop on the sidewalk, thankfully the light has gone green and he's hopping back into his van, still swearing his head off (and back on the phone). :censored:

    So keep an eye out for a white van with rego QBV 559. Driver is a bloody psycho.

    I've been to the police and said I would like to press charges, they've said it is the lowest form of assault (unlawful assault) as he did not hurt me. I've looked up the rego on Vicroads and unfortunately their site is showing it as a Sedan, not a van, so I'm thinking maybe false plates unless their info is wrong. I'm certain the rego was QBV 559, hopefully the cops can do something anyway but I'm not so confident now :(

    Stay safe out there guys, there's some god damn psychos out there :jerk:
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  2. probably stolen plates on a stolen car on the way to committing a crime

    Just lucky he wasn't carrying a weapon :(

    ride safe (y)
  3. Some vans can show up as sedans on vicroads system.
  4. Maybe he's on crack or something... certainly isn't the way I'd be going on if I was trying to remain incognito.
  5. Thanks for the info chicken78, that's relaxed me a bit. The year sounded about right so fingers crossed.

    There was also a couple of witnesses, one of whom definitely was watching and gestured they would call the police. I just hope she did, the cop said it would definitely help but I'm not holding my breath.

    In other news, finally ordering a GoPro ;)
  6. could've just go on the horn inbetween yelling he raped me at the guy whilst you're pointing at him when he got out of said van...wonder what people would've done then..
  7. Sounds pretty bad - did you manage to get any witnesses? Hope you go through with the charges.

    Just one thing to be aware of - riding in the right hand lane on roads with speed limits of 90kph or above (Citylink is 100kph?) is illegal unless you're overtaking or traffic is banked up in all lanes. It will perpetually piss people off who want to drive faster than you. If, by your own admission, you weren't paying attention to who was coming up behind you, it sounds like that might have been what happened today?

    No excuse for assaulting someone or putting their life at risk, though.
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  8. Learn to hit back next time ;)
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  9. LOL not everyone's from footscray dougz
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  10. Glad to hear you are okay, people these days are narcissistic and self absorbed, you cant talk any sense to em, just make a huge buffer from em, sadly its the state of the world these days.
  11. should have taken your glove off, slapped him in the face and say...I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!

    He'd be perplexed...
  12. jack there was one witness, but unfortunately they left when the light went green. As per my previous post, I'm just hoping they did call 000 to report it.

    Regarding the right lane - it was the 80 km/h section of Citylink and I was using the right lane correctly (overtaking). I'm one of the people who gets pissed at people hanging out there, so I don't think that was the cause, I think the guy was just anti-bike.

    He caught me off guard but it can't have been more than 30 seconds since I'd checked my mirrors and there was no one close when I did (I'll move over regardless of how fast I'm going, the passing lane is for passing so go for your life if you want to be my cop-bait).

    Dougz - Would've loved to slog him one, unfortunately I dislocated my shoulder in a riding accident a few years back and the last time I threw a punch, my shoulder went with it :cry: So figured it was better to just get out of there than risk it.
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  13. unfortunate. busy stretch for it to happen.
  14. Thats why gloves have Kevlar :)
  15. agreed with dougz.
    you have a hardened head protector, knuckle & elbow armour and his first priority was to hurt you.
    if that was me: game on
  16. You mean an easily grabbed handle on the head. Never fight someone in a helmet, you will be pulled to the ground in an instant and kicked in the soft spots.
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  17. So keep your visor closed eh.
  18. Next time ask him to wait while you ring Dougz who will come over and teach you 17 different martial arts, then you can hit him back.
    Until then adopt flight mode and survive
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  19. *Looks at his black open face helmet*

    Where exactly is this 'easily grabbed handle on the head' you speak of good sir? :blackeye:


    It's really easy to turn an open face slightly sideways to avoid a punch :angel:
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  20. Best of luck with getting it to court.

    Protip: don't punch someone while wearing rigged knuckle gloves, A. they start bleeding profusely and B. if you get caught it may be assualt with a weapon.

    I personally don't get in fights, if someone assualts me or someone else, I just assualt them back, a good armored knee to the sternum gets em everytime, or a size 12 steel cap to the side of the knee.

    I've never understood the term 'fair fight' unless its in a ring there are no rules, except hurt him worse than he intended to hurt you.

    If they are close enough to yank your helmet, just go with the flow, straight into their face.