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[vic] arvo ride south gippy 24th feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by barn, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Is any body interested in a ride this sat the 24 starting from mirbo north at 1.00 i know the south gippy back roads fairly well & have a good run in mind, but i,m open to sugestions about runs thru latrobe valley as long as i,m back home by about 6.00 . I,m not going to be pushing it too much as im coming off night shift so this ride would be open any body who could ride at the speed limits on open road and is a bit slower in the windies we would stop at major intersections and wait for you .

  2. Hiya Barn :)

    I might play this one by ear. Predicting 28, but after last weeks efforts if it feels too hot I won't go :p

    Will put a post up Saturday morning for you if I am going to come :cool:
  3. Hi cruisinggal hopefully the temp won,t get to 28, in the paper in wendsday it said 25 for the week end ( can,t get as hot as last wk end surely) . looks like everybody who got to your party had a good time ,sorry we couldn,t come this time as we had my girls that w end and only just managed the ride in between commitments buuuuuut next time we,ll do better cheers barn & liz .
  4. Sounds good Barn. I'll check with the Minister and if I get the nod I'll see if a couple of others might come along :grin:

    I'll lob up a post on Satdy morn.
  5. I would love to come but have prior plans.. if you organise another one I would most definately up for it.

    Have a good one!
  6. sat ride........

    Hi all, we're meeting up at the brewery in Mirbo Nth, at about 12.45 and starting off at about 1.00. :)
    If you intend to join and are running a bit late ring my mob, 0428581918, but please don't ring before 11.30 as working tonight and will be sleeping. :-$
    See you there, Cheers Barry.......
  7. I need the practice, but might see how things pan out weather wise tomorrow also.
    I'll see if anyone else is going from my side of the world for a riding partner too.
    Wayne might be sleeping most of the day also.Which means he can look after the boys. :LOL:
  8. Any thoughts on the route? i'm playing pistol shooting from 1 till about 3 in Drouin but if your near by i might join you later.
  9. Locals planning another confrontation with the local constabulary, heh?

    I might be interested in this. Depends. As I type it's 0420 at work. I don't knock off til 0700 (usually home by then), and weather depending, how hot it'll get, will depend on how much sleep I get. I might be able to struggle out of bed by 12ish. Will see. If I'm up I might just ride up to Mirboo North via Boolara, etc. If I meet up with you, good, if not, the ride itself should be pleasant enough.
  10. The weather has turned on us, gale force winds have eased a bit, gone from raining cats & dogs to kittens & puppies instead.

    Weather might be better elsewhere though..
  11. morning all,,, weathers not too bad... :) bit of a breeze......few clouds, no rain.. :grin: woo hoo......
    cheers all
    liz (on Barns behalf)
  12. See ya at the brewery!! :grin:
  13. woodsy it should go something like this brewery to foster, fish creek, tarwin, cape road,wonthaggi, past archies creek to loch - poowoong from there we just peel off to home.... :grin: maybe, that might be enough......... :grin:
  14. Gee if only I had read this post this morning! Being only 15 kms from Mirboo North and thinking about going for a ride this morning, you may will have had another rider.

    Note to self: Check Netrider forums more often.
  15. arvo gippy ride

    Hey paul (oldman )russell & john just thought i'd say thanks for comming i had a ball; good roads A :grin: see you next time cheers Barn
  16. yep, I had a ball too, unfortunately it wasn't on this ride :( I was playing on the sand dunes at Powlett Inlet :)
  17. Great afternoon Barn! great roads and great company. look forward to doin it again real soon.
  18. Hi guys, I am just a new member here and reading some past posts came accross yours, and would definately be interested in a ride on a sunday sometime. We live on Phillip Island so arent too far from you guys.
    So if you have another ride planned, please let us know and we will hopefully be able to join you. :)