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[Vic] Article in today herald sun

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by [Freddy], Jan 31, 2008.

  1. RE: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,23135010-2862,00.html

    Did anyone else see the comments regarding the fatality on the Monash yesterday? The MRAA are quoted several times and I must say that they do nothing to help our cause when it comes to laws such as lane splitting.

    From the herald sun:

    "Mr Karmouche said the practice was against the law but urged drivers to be on the lookout for passing motorcyclists in traffic jams.

    "Filtering is something every rider does. You need three or four inches on either side to do it safely," he said.

    "For some reason the bike has slipped or he was possibly fatigued. In this case he has been doing something thousands of riders do every day."

    Now lets see..... in these direct quotes I would draw the following conclusions if I were a non-rider:

    1. Motorcyclists break the law, but please be careful around them when they are doing it and try to stay out of their way!

    2. Motorcyclists are willing to risk their lives by mere inches. I would myself allow more then a few inches each side.

    3. That thousands of motorcyclists slip on their bikes or ride fatigued every day!

    Very disappointing!!!
  2. Re: Article in today herald sun

    Sounds like good advice.

    He needs to print a retraction. From what I've seen its centermeters, not inches

    Well, we don't slip... But I doubt the figures per head are any worse than cage drivers.
  3. Without trying to sound callous, the timing is right to push for a motorcycle transit lane on the Monash.
    We can pretty much expect a backlash and a blitz to come out of this, which will achieve nothing.
    Unfortunately, if the driver of the MRAA bus is asleep at the wheel, nobody's going to want to get on board.
  4. To me it looks like the media picking the lines from the interview specificaly designed to once again give the wrong impression of riders.
  5. On the slipping/fatigue remark, then maybe.

    As far as the other comments go I personally think they speak for themselves. They are pretty black and white to me.
  6. Actually, to be fair to the Hun, they did say that the ride was riding 'slowly' between vehicles. They at no time in their piece made any inflammatory comment regarding the rider. That seems to have been the sole preserve of the MRAA spokesman. I was stunned when I read that piece, for, as JD knows, certainly aspects of filtering are NOT illegal, but there are currently 2589 other threads detailing that.
  7. Look what conclusions you drew up, exactly what the media wants you to think.

    Where are the facts?

    "A 73-YEAR-old motorcyclist was slowly weaving between traffic when he slipped and was fatally crushed by a truck on Monash Freeway yesterday."

    "Police have appealed for witnesses."

    This isnt journalism.
  8. Are you referring to my comments? If so, I am lost as to what your point is...... my post refers to comments from MRAA, not the herald sun. Can you elaborate?
  9. Well, i read the same article and thought, cool, the non motorcyclist has been directed away from the dangers of splitting because the age and health of the old guy was possibly implicated in his accident.

    If the autopsy results are reported, we'll know more.

    I do agree on the point of the misinformation about splitting - it's not outright cut and dry illegal... not in Victoria... however Hubie disagrees 100% with this view. But to be fair to John, how do you summarise in a sound bight that splitting is not illegal and not inflame the do gooders??
  10. By not even commenting on the accident. It is highly unusual for the Hun to have 1/3 of a page on an accident and it's aftermath. The only speculation in the Hun was the quote from the MRAA.
  11. The MRAA represents the interests of motorcyclists. I believe there was more to the interview, but the reporter choose the quotes that would have the most effect in putting riders in a bad light.
  12. Rob you don't. It was a political fopar to mention it, as the article now demonstrates.
    According to JD he said, "some elements of splitting are illegal", which has now been reported as "splitting is illegal". The general public (or the media) aren't interested in splitting hairs (bad pun) with us.
    They are only going to see this one way, it was the riders fault.
    The MRAA confirmed it for them.

    I don't know if anyone will post it up, but i bet the guys who are splitting the Monash for the next few days will be copping grief off the cars.
  13. That is why I am so disappointed, they say they represent us.

    I think you are wrong, I don't think they needed to do anything to portray us in a negative way, the comments from the MRAA did this alone.

    If members of the MRAA are going to speak on "our" behalf and lead people to believe they represent us then they need to be more media savvy.
  14. Agreed, if a comment had to be made then it should have been that splitting is not illegal, rather than alerting the world to the fact that aspects of it are.
  15. [quote="[Freddy]

    I think you are wrong, I don't think they needed to do anything to portray us in a negative way, the comments from the MRAA did this alone.[/quote]

    And the constant daily lane splitting by riders at high speed along any freeway that you'd care to name is different, how?

    That much is true. However, it, like many orgs like it around Oz are underfunded and hence have limited resources. The MRA, for example does not have any permanent staff. It does what it does through volunteer labor.

    If there is anyone out there who has a media relations degree, then I'm sure that the MRA, MCCofNSW and others will welcome them with open arms if they would care to volunteer their services.
  16. MJT, if I did, I would.

    The bigger point is, was the MRAA contacted by the Hun, or did the MRAA contact the paper. If it was the former, fair enough, they have been asked to comment, have done so (even if ineptly). But if they contacted the media, the least they can do would be to carefully (very carefully) think about what you say, so that it cannot misquoted. And in the context of what looked like a very soft article, the only damning comments seemed to come from the MRAA.
  17. I notice that Hinch has also run with this story on 3AW on this arvo's Drive programme.
  18. As you get older and I'm not even talking about people in their 70s, you start to lose your sense of balance. Mind you, you still have it but it isn't as fine tuned as when you were younger.

    In any case I watched a guy on a VTR SP1 tip his over recently when the guy tryed to "lane split" at walking pace.


    Exactly. If we have anyone here who thinks that they can handle such interviews or PR better, get in touch with Tony Ellis or JK. The org could do with a professional PR person who is willing to volunteer their services.
  19. If the difference is not obvious to you then I'll point it out.

    The riders that lane split at high speed choose to do so as an individual, they only represent themselves.

    The MRAA is a registered association the presents itself as representing motorcyclists, basically, they put their necks out.

    Clear as mud? One chooses to represent motorcyclists, the other does not.

    Agreed. I've worked for many different organisations that do a similar job (tiresome and thankless). BUT, they choose to do it. The MRAA has long pushed to make comment in the media regarding all things motorcycling. In this particular instance I think they have done so poorly.

    That is my point. Not that they are bad, not that they aren't faultless, just that they said some things that have not helped the motorcycling cause.
  20. [quote="[Freddy]

    If the difference is not obvious to you then I'll point it out.[/quote]

    No need to. My comment was obviously missed by you.

    Motorists don't need the MRA to tell them that lane splitting is illegal or dangerous. We (collectively as motorcyclists who ride the freeways everyday) are doing a good enough job of that ourselves.

    In other words we're our own worst enemies.