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VIC: arrive alive survey

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smee, May 11, 2007.

  1. http://www.arrivealive.vic.gov.au/communityforum/cforum_1_form.php

    Make sure you fill it out using other as it is all skewed to enforcement and lowering speed limits.
    It's about time we made these bastards work for the revenue raised by asking for more education and training.
    Also talk up the merits of lane filtering.

    the more we skew the survey the way we want the better.
    If people are members of car forums and other bike forums please pass this on as well.
  2. Done & done. Even though I'm in NSW, i put down I was from South Melbourne (3205)

    Q1c: Male
    Q1d: 3205
    Q2: Distraction , Education/Awareness , Mobile Phone use , Fatigue
    Q3.1: Increased use of alcohol interlocks , Programs for repeat drink drivers , Higher fines / tougher penalties
    Q3.2: Other Less emphasis on speed alone as a factor., Select one , Select one
    Q3.3: Target road treatments according to crash types , Select one , Select one
    Q3.4: Encourage manufacturers to include safety features in vehicles , Select one , Select one
    Q3.5: Education about the influence of drugs on driving , More targeted enforcement , Select one
    Q3.6: Better rest stop facilities , Select one , Select one
    Q3.7: Higher fines / tougher penalties for mobile phone use , Other Actually pulling people over for driving dangerously or putting make up on, or reading the paper, or any of the million other things that drivers do that take their attention away from the road and traffic., Select one
    Q3.8: More information about alternative transport options , Improved education about ageing and driving , Improved education about medication and driving
    Q3.9: Other Make it harder to get a licence. Driving is a privieldge, not a right. Teach people how to drive, not just how to pass a driving test., Select one , Select one
    Q3.10: Advertising to promote road sharing , Better training for new and returned riders , Select one
    Q3.11: More road safety education in schools , Select one , Select one
    Q3.12: Improving OH&S in the heavy vehicle industry , Select one , Select one ,
  3. Interesting they lump pedestrians and cyclists in the same category??????

    How in hell are they similar in any way???
  4. Lowest form of road user?? :-k no thats Commode drivers :LOL:
  5. used it as a vehicle for a rant on speed limits vs awareness, and too many traffic lights, speed changes on roads, and lack of skills from drivers
  6. Wonder if they will take my higher speed limits :LOL:
  7. mostly wanted to vent about keeping "eyes out of cockpit" and situational awareness. Something which is NOT encouraged when you are looking at your speedo all the time
  8. Done.

    I encouraged legal lane-filtering and better driver training. I also advocated higher speed limits to reduce fatigue-related accidents on our freeways (as recently (and successfully) done in Texas, where the limit on a major highway was increased to 85mph (136kph) to reduce fatigue deaths).
  9. I used a lot of "other" and put driver/rider training.
  10. I hammered training, education and defective vehicles and poor road design.
    I too, am from South Melbourne (thanks for teh postcode!).

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I wouldn't click on the link to go directly to the page. Copy the link url and put it in a "new page" so any report/audit doesn't show a heap of links from the same address as this thread could easily be found from using software/code to check the various url's people came from to get to that link. If a lot come from here, the various answers could be written off due to coercement to fill out the answers in a "similar vein" so to speak. Just a heads up for a "just in case" scenario.
  12. Thanks nick

    I used plenty of "other" and talked about setting realistic speed limits and realistic enforcement tolerances so peoples' eyes and minds would get back on the road and not on their speedos.

    ...No, not that kind of speedos.
  13. tried to access the link just then, if im not mistaken, its 2:56am or 0256 AEST according to my computer, watch, mobile....

    i think theyre onto us!! :shock: :p
  14. You are mistaken. Link works and i'ts 6.05am
  15. It's astounding how united a vision we motorcyclists hvae.

    I hammered license testing for new and old drivers, making it 5x harder and 5x more expensive for a fail/retry situation, and a mandatory 3/6/12 month waiting period between failed tests ;)

    Legal lane filtering, Legal bicycle lane usage, make it illegal for cars to obstruct motorcycles on purpose when they lanesplit (moving over, opening doors and stuff)

    Also suggested they raise speed limits, and basically just ream people who dont use the road properly.

    Also hammered scooter riders, suggested making it illegal for any scooter under 50cc to be ridden at all, and every rider of a two wheeled motorised vehicle undergo motorcycle training.
  16. Ha ha ha. I put the same but just for bikes and all the new freeways. Have you been on the new hume. The road is amazing and there is a camera every two seconds. Trucks tailgate you, cars tailgate you and if you try to accelerate away you get flashed.
  17. After all the propaganda about getting the public's opinion, they seem to be launching a new ad campaign this week about "driver distractions".
    looks like the poll may just be a token gesture.
    if they still run with the speed is dangerous/speed kills/don't speed/ lower the speed limit/slow down shit all motorists will have to just get out and and f*cking walk in 5 years time.