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[VIC] Arfter market exhausts etc and the law

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. What laws govern what can or can't pe put on a bike other than noise level?

    Say for instance i got an exhaust from OS and put on a bike, is there any lagal red tape that needs to be considered? Or is it a case of unless it's load and attracts the EPA/Police all is fine legally?
  2. I reckon you're on the right track.
    But if you get something stamped "not for road use" your insurance could be in doubt.

    Edit: If you get the 14 and it has a cat converter it wont matter what can you put on. Most noise seems to be stopped by the cat (on B1250 anyway)
    A little birdie told me Oz bikes do not require cats so there may still be hope.
  3. Chuck that exhaust on Drew and damn the consequences, but just keep the stocker just in case, and you will be fine. The first time you fire you bike out of a corner in anger with a loud pipe, all legalities will be forgotten.

    I quite possibly have the loudest bike in the known universe, and if I am ever busted, I will just get a cheap ebay stock item, get signed off and put the Arrow right back on the bike.

    Good luck with the purchase. :grin:
  4. IMHO it's about what you can get away with. Plod pulls you over, and if he's in a good mood he'll admire your schmick cans and on your way. He's in a bad mood and you've got a canary.
    Another example: minor off on my last bike, the can needs replacing. Insurance assessor insists the repairer quote and install the (non-legal) carbon can, 'cause it's cheaper than the standard one. I note this change on the next renewal to the insurance company and they inform me that the can is not a legal modification and voids my policy!!!(Found a way around that, though :wink:)
    If you stray into the area of exhausts not approved for road use, you no longer have cut-and-dried legal rights. It's all murky and grey and down to somebody's mood and judgement.
    Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn't.
  5. just put a loud can on, and leave the bike running, while they are talking to you......you won't be able to hear them over the bike anyway so all is good :LOL: :wink:
  6. will be a while yet before mods... got to get a bike 1st......i seem to recall saying that before getting my L's too :LOL:

    So would something like a Staintune be more accepted (or even legal)than in imported brand not commonly seen here?
  7. You go and get what you like. Hang onto your stock pipe in case you get reported and are asked to take your bike in to the EPA for testing - in which case you slip on the stock pipe for the test then change it again once you've passed.

    I've got bloody loud custom pipes on my bike. I also have a set of modded OEM pipes for it and also a set of untouched OEM pipes sitting waiting just in case.

    I was riding out on St Andrews - Kinglake road on Mother's day, and pulled over, leaving the bike running, to chuck on a jumper underneath my jacket as it was cold - and a motorbike cop pulled in beside me. I thought uh-oh he's going to ping me on the pipes...but no, he was just checking I was ok, and he jumped off, had a look at my bike and chatted with me about bikes, riding and the usual sort of stuff all us riders talk about :grin: Top bloke, and couldn't care less about the loud pipes I had on it.

    Most aftermarket pipes don't meet EPA dB restrictions. You've simply just got to worry about whether some grumpy old fart dobs you in to the EPA or a cop in a bad mood feels like taking you on for them. Just hang on to those stock pipes in case :grin:
  8. not going to offload the OEM's

    all a pipe dream (pun intended) currently but good to know the lay of hte land so to speak.

    cheers fellas.
  9. have been canaried.
    There's no monetary fine, just the inconvenience of putting oem pipes back on, take to vicroads to get looked at, get home and put aftermarket back on. :grin: