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[Vic] Are Vicpol showing signs of avoiding spin?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Check out his article:


    Stakes Day traffic campaign

    Sunday, 07 November 2010 00:47
    Police breath tested 6805 drivers as part of Operation Ruby following Stakes Day Races, with 9 drivers detected over the limit
    Other offences detected included:
    • 3 drivers booked for speeding;
    • 11 for being disqualified or suspended drivers;
    • 15 seat belt;
    • 17 mobile phone use;
    • 21 Unregistered vehicles; and
    • 22 other traffic related offences
    Overall during the racing Carnival police breath tested 17125 drivers and detected 27 drivers over the limit

    Senior Constable Wayne Wilson
    Media Officer
    VP 6223/2010

    Normally there'd be some qualitative negative spin associated with those figures, like drivers aren't getting the anti drinking message etc etc etc but 27 drivers detected with a BAC = 0.1% of those tested. It's hard for the institutionalised machine to maintain credibility if they slam drivers for BAC issues when clearly 99.9% of them got the message.

    As an aside, I wonder how many of the 27 were exactly 0.05, which was previously acceptable until a populist "tough on crime" political change made it illegal. :roll: Now they are tarred for the sake of politics.

    The ANR mobiles must have been employed to detect the 21 unregistered cars... I guess I'm not unhappy that they've been caught.

    The pattern is clear: When ever an event concentrates drivers/riders, e.g. The grand final, Motogp, Cup day, Stakes day... the road safety machine ramps up... worth noting.
  2. Yeah, wonder how many of them were between 0.05 and 0.08.

    Checkpoints so to speak I am all for. Checking rego, license status, BAC and so on... There is no negative to that. Roadworthy too - as long as common sense is applied. At least it isn't the common crap about speed (although they have cameras for that).

    What they really need to concentrate on is other driving behaviour - starting with indicating. Now if only they could mandate head checks...

    Hell, the amount of times I have had a cop sit behind me and I have never ever been pulled over (although once for allegedly speeding which was revoked later on) is amazing. I think it would be worth their time to pull a driver over, do a random check on car and driver - and have a chat with the driver. Pull them over just to see what they are like and have a friendly chat. Especially if the driver is a bit tired or the like.

    Community involvement will reduce fatalities and education - not fines. Pull drivers over randomly a lot more without fines being the focus and that will help - and probably make for a better relationship.

    Start concentrating on things like lack of indicating, tailgating and so on. Those offences are virtually not policed. There is a fair argument to say that tailgating is as much a cause of accidents as speed. Hell tackle the mentality people go and drive with - rather than the standard "speed kills" message - because with that approach, the logic is that we should be on horse and cart. A completely nonsense approach.
  3. Why the f*** would you want to be pulled over for doing nuthin'? Should we have cops doing random house searches as well? Random Full body searches?

    Pull 'em over if they are driving/riding erratically and/or dangerously, have random roadside BAC checks for sure, but I don't think having Mr plod pulling drivers/riders over for no reason than to have a chat is 1) going to make for a better relationship and 2) a productive use of police resources.
  4. the way I understood it, that was already happening in selected areas.
  5. So you are going about your business and are randomly pulled over for what in particular?
    cop: "just a random pulling over to foster greater relationships between the police and the drivers"
    Driver: "wtf?"

    Smacks of totalitarian nonsense to me.
  6. The point was more along the lines of rather than making people think everytime a siren goes off, it means a fine, to a more community/education focus.

    Ok, not necessarily pulling people over entirely randomly - but a bit more community focussed than they already are. Hell, have a presence at roadside coffee places and the like - talk to drivers.

    It just seems that the only interaction they currently have is enforcement only.
  7. The last person I want "educating" me is a plod, shit half of them can't spell let alone have any semblance of common sense, it has been trained out of them.
  8. Gee I wonder why motorcyclists have such a poor image with attitudes like that...

    Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

    Do you seriously reckon any copper joined the force and envisioned themselves sitting there handing out tickets for 5 over the limit offences? Sheesh.
  9. Sometimes, reading your posts Smee, I wonder if Common Sense has long been abandoned by you :bolt:

  10. You can run but you can't hide :twisted:
  11. Oh no! Poor image! Gee whizz.

    And look! He's got a solution. No need to panic, everyone. This bloke knows what's up!
  12. So you think having a poor image is of no consequence to how we are treated?
  13. adprom is a sleeper troll. He is like a cyclon that does not know it is a cyclon.
  14. I do enjoy a good troll, alas this is not one. Although by your theory it could be and I just don't know it yet.

    I'll get back to you on that.
  15. I can still have fun knowing that.
  16. I've been pulled over and hassled a few times for no good reason (didn't accuse me of anything) and I certainly don't think it strengthened my opinion of them.. Check rego, check license, look for defects, ask me again if the bike is mine and of i have a license after checking. Thanks for making me late to work assholes! I had the same guy pull me up and go through the same routine on the same road twice in a month..

    I'm pretty sure I've been blacklisted by the cops. My 675 is registered to my company and I've never been hassled on that. I've taken everything out of my name and now I don't get stopped.
  17. Your plate is half your problem
  18. adprom don't bother replying to my posts so long as your 30 days of riding against my 30 years of on road experience knowledge and skill development accompanied by an understanding of the inside mechanism of policing through various relatives I take anything you say with a grain of salt.
    I stand by what I have said.
    You may not be a troll but you definitely are an android