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[VIC] Are these LED tyre caps illegal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. I am looking at these and wondering if anyone has them? and any issue with cops?

  2. Sorry, they're illegal.

    You are not allowed to have any flashing lights on your car except your indicators. Reason is others may get distracted, spend too much time admiring your flashers and fail to see the motorcycle they should be giving way to. It's in the RS(v)Rs somewhere. I'd look it up for you but have to go to work, no time.

    Besides, it's a "Look at me!" tool. Coppers may just spend more time looking at you than you'd like :cool:
  3. ^^^^ Yes. Also blue lights are illegal on your car or bike. Any auxiliary lights you add must be yellow (anywhere), white (facing forward only), or red (facing rearward only).
  4. So are you saying its ok if I stick yellow light on my bike would be ok?
  5. then why are there so many tossers in their riced up racers and bogan buses with blue LED's on the road? surely to cops can see them?
  6. Those stupid fooken blue LEDs they stick where the wiper jet thingys are??? Piss me off no end. :evil:
  7. you forgot the ones inside the headlight housing and in the tail lights.

    also seen them in milo can sized exhausts and in mesh grills.

    "wank factor" as Mrs Drew would say. the more lights the more :jerk:
  8. Can someone provide a link to something where it states they are illegal?

  9. www.legislation.nsw.gov.au

    ^Somewhere in there...

    Sorry. Try this:

    Yes, this is for NSW, but I'm assuming this was pulled from ARR and therefore the same naiton wide...
  10. Australian Design rules 45/01:
    45.2.2. The colour of the light emitted shall be within the limits of the co-ordinates prescribed in clause for the colour in question. Colours of Lamps: Trichromatic Co-ordinates


    limit towards yellow: y < 0.335

    limit towards purple: z < 0.008


    limit towards blue: x > 0.310

    limit towards yellow: x < 0.500


    limit towards green: y < 0.150 + 0.640x

    y < 0.440

    limit towards purple: y > 0.050 + 0.750x

    limit towards red: y > 0.382


    limit towards yellow: y < 0.429

    limit towards red: y > 0.398

    limit towards white: z < 0.007 For verifying the limits above, a source of light at a colour temperature of 2,856 K (illuminant A of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)), in combination with appropriate filters, may be used.

    Victorian rules:

    Dome and strobe type flashing warning lamps (eg construction vehicles)

    General lighting rules:

    they were based on the Australian Design Rules:

    Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 45/01 - Lighting and Light Signalling Devices not Covered by ECE Regulations) 2006

  11. Those LED valve caps are no good, they weigh too much and I've found that they end up severing the valve stem (got a flat once because of that) because of the vibration/G-force of the wheel, then I got new valves put on, and they started to tear again, wouldn't advise them for a motorbike.

    Didn't know they were illegal... I still use them on my push bike, is that legal?
  12. of course they are, a pushbike is a class b vehicle ;)

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  14. jesus for christ sakes, like old bloody women.

    just buy them and put them off .
    a copper wont book you on the spot for them unless you are really doing something wrong or he is a complete arsehole.
    he will tell you there not cossher and to pull them off.

    as far as lights go , theres nothing illegal about neon / led valve lights , firstly they are on the front of a car or rear there on the side , so that makes a hell of a differance.

    as for blue lights , that flashing or intermitant , ie any light that can be construde as a emergancy vehicle , i dont think neons and rice boy shit makes there honda's and supras look to much like police cars.

    but them if thats your thing and enjoy them until otherwise told by A COPPER.
  15. wb, g
  16. They do not flash. They activate with movement & is a constant light,
    not a flashing light.

    Yeh I got em.. stopped using em tho. They are shit. Thats why their
    cheap, & dont last long.

    You look stupid when the light on a wheel stops working & you wouldnt
    know unless someone tells you.

    If you want some, PM ya mailing addr & I'll send you the fcuken things. crackup.
  17. Sorry, I must have misread the ebay ad http://tinyurl.com/25qak7:


    Cool looking lights that increase nighttime visibility to promote safety.

    The LED tyre flash lamp (the LED wheel flash light) use onto tyre of car/motorcycle/bicycle, directly install onto the air valve. Dynamic induction flashing decoration with self flash electronic circuit. When car is driving or vibrating in the night time, the LED tyre flash lamp will flash. When the speed of car is over 50 km/hour, the flash point will form a beautiful flash aura. The LED tyre flash lamp will give more interest in your driving, and many people will look around.

    End Quote.

    :shock: :idea: :shock: :idea:
  18. all lights flash, even the ones in you fixtures at home, its the hertz that makes it appear constant :!:
  19. OK picky.

    This may be true for AC, but DC lights, like a car's electrical system, are constant.

    All I'm saying is that the ebay ad tricked me into believing the original question related to flashing lights. As I said, I may have misread it and I apologise... :)
  20. sorry buddy, google harder ;)
    frequency is measured in hertz :grin: