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[VIC] are permit extensions possible??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by flexorcist, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Ok I've nearly had my Ls for a year... but before I get any, well you should have organised it sooner, it was 6 months before I got a bike. However, I now have a few days to get my restricted license... the problem is, I broke my jaw, and according to the DR's, am not allowed to ride a bike until at least my (hopefully) final consultation in early Feb. Can I appeal to Vicroads for an extension on my learners or should I just pop a helmet on and hope for the best?? (I can actually fit a helmet over my jaw now and the strap is only uncomfortable not painful)

    the reason(s) for not being allowed to ride is mainly
    a: if i have an off that's it jaw's got like 95% chance of busting and the plates could peirce my skn from inside out.. but this isn't likely on my p's test
    b: the "shock" of quick manouvering could be BAD for the plates and their placement.

    any advice/thoughts/general comments/ideas???

  2. Can't really help you sorry, but I can share a similar experience.
    Same thing happened to me when I was first due to get my P's, but it was a giant boil (the Dr said in all his years of practice he'd never squeezed that much puss out of a single boil) right in the top of my arse crack. Couldn't even sit on the bike let alone ride it...

    Good luck with it, I don't see what harm could come from ringing Vicroads and asking if they have a 'medical exemption' or some such... You might just need a note from your doctor or something...
  3. um, learners last for 18 months. and you can get that extended once.
  4. You can extend your learners however why not bite the bullet and go for your licence, surely an open face helmet wont cause as much grief on the day, i can lend you one.
  5. Yeah I been thinkin that. Cheers i'll post here if i need to take it up (i can't pm)....

    having said that... shouldn't be too painful as I have an EXTREMELY small head. like i'm a freak i wear childrens hats.
  6. My then 17 year old had this too Pete, but he had to have surgery :eek: Didn't heal completely and recurred so had to have another op and ended up with about a 6 inch scar from the 0 and up over the coccyx. Poor bugger missed a fair bit of school over three months.

    Try extension, you really don't want to risk any further complications. And it could be something minor, not necessarily an off, that could possibly do more damage.
  7. Youch!!! Fortunately mine was pretty straight forward. Pretty bloody uncomfortable though. Not as bad a broken jaw though, eh Flexorcist??
  8. It's not that bad dude I'm just hanging for a steak.
  9. You allowed to drink??
  10. Wow, imagine the build up to that first bite of a perfectly cooked steak :) :wink:

    Pete, my son's boil was caused by an ingrown hair (forget the stupid long medical term for it), but it is very, very common in men and usually occurs in blokes that sit for long periods (office or driver etc) and also cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders. Just something to look out for guys, catch it before it gets to be a major op.

    Sorry for hijacking thread, will get back on topic now.

    How long has it been since you have had a steak Flex? :grin:
  11. am i allowed: no

    do i: heaps. our 2nd slab ran out about 3am saturday.. b/w 2 of us. i'm a moderate to extremely heavy drinker. the only reason i didnt drink the day out of hospital is dad wouldnt gimme a lift to the bottleo and the dude who pours my drinks knew my jaw was busted so wouldnt make me one.

    *edit* yes i know consumption of a slab isn't healthy but I had one of those "good" drinkin day's... which in essence are bad drinking days coz they cost more!!!!! like when yuo go out and $100 later you wonder if it was all worth it.
  12. Dude sounds like motorcycling may get in the way of your boozing lifestyle, may want to not rush into renewing your learners or getting a license.

    cruisingal that shit is called Cellulitis, can cause your whole body to go septic and die, had it happen on the calf once and my leg was the size of a tree trunk.