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[VIC] Apple Isle Tour Jan 3 - 17

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Bluesuede

    I am taking off in January to tour Tassie, and dates planned are as follows:

    Departing Melbourne: Thursday January 3rd

    Returning to Melbourne: Thursday January 17th

    This ride is open to anyone who may care to join me. Learners are most welcome...

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  2. Ok - hey there everyone!

    Dates are set, my leave is locked in, and I'm off to Tassie! Time to pack up the sleeping back and tent, and hit the fantastic roads in the Apple Isle - the perfect way to keep my mind off the fact that my ex has taken the kids overseas for the school holidays :(

    As the title shows, dates for the trip are set as departing Melbourne on Thursday January 3rd and returning to Melbourne Thursday January 17th.

    The itinerary for the tour is in development and will be added to this post shortly. The overall idea is to do a lap of Tassie, see the sites, and find and ride as many good roads in the two week period. Accommodation will be a mix of camping/B&B/hotel/motel.

    Clearly this is predominantly a riding tour, but it will include sightseeing and decent breaks. I'm opening this up to anyone who might like to join me - whether you ride a 250 or something bigger, you will be welcome on the ride - as long as you are capable of riding decent distances up to 200km at a time, and spending a couple of weeks in fantastic scenery that includes a good deal of time in the saddle! I ride a cruiser so if pace is your concern, I'm not interested in the fastest lap time of the island :LOL: If you're fairly green and haven't ridden all that much, then this tour probably isn't for you, but don't let a yellow plate at the back of your bike put you off coming :)

    So I'd love some good company to share my trip - and anyone who wishes to contribute to the itinerary and help organise the trip is most welcome! I'm open to suggestions :)

    More details to follow.

    The crew so far:


    Bluesuede (no seriously :LOL: )

    Pulled out:
    Carmine (not from Netrider)
  3. Ok I've started adding people to the list of attendees. There were a couple of others at Thursday night mystery ride that expressed interest - if you could let me know I'll add you to the list also! Cheers :)
  4. Hi Ian, as discussed last night count me in.
  5. Interested but not sure yet..
  6. Hi all!

    Ok I've put together my proposed list of roads to ride. If anyone has the Australia Motorcycle Atlas, you'll note that most, if not all, of the sealed road recommendations are covered here. The proposed route should give us time to enjoy the scenery, explore any interesting side roads we find, give the cameras a good work out, have decent lunch and rest breaks, see sights like Port Arthur, Gordon Dam, walk along the Tahune Forest Reserve Air Walk etc, and will also allow us to take a day off if we need to and catch up time the next day.

    Hopefully this should also give some less "tour experienced" riders a bit of confidence as the amount of kilometers needed to be covered per day is NOT excessive.

    I'm currently working out accommodation details, and there is definitely going to be camping involved - however every location appears to have alternative accommodation nearby if you're afraid of a tent :p But bear in mind that its a lot less expensive to stay in a tent! I intend to have regular motel/B&B/cabin stays along the way, so we'll have plenty of opportunity for recharging phones/iPods/cameras and so on.

    Anyway have a look at the route below, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to add them to the thread!

    Proposed Tasmania tour itinerary

    Day 1 – Thursday January 3

    • Depart Melbourne aboard the Spirit of Tasmania, day trip, departing 9am.
    • Arrive Devonport 6pm
    • Stay in Devonport overnight.
    Day 2 – Friday January 4

    • Devonport – Somerset: 57km
    • Somerset – Queenstown: 171km
    • Queenstown – Strahan: 41km
    • Total: 269km

    Day 3 – Saturday January 5

    • Strahan – Zeehan: 48km
    • Zeehan – Tullah: 102km
    • Tullah – Lake St Clair: 162km
    • Total: 312km

    Day 4 – Sunday January 6
    • Lake St Clair – Hamilton: 109km
    • Hamilton – Hobart: 74km
    • Total: 183km

    Day 5 – Monday January 7

    • Hobart – Port Arthur: 99km
    • Port Arthur – Nubeena – Taranna: 30km
    • Taranna – Hobart: 89km
    • Total: 218km

    Day 6 – Tuesday January 8

    • Hobart – New Norfolk: 37km
    • New Norfolk – Gordon Dam: 136km
    • Gordon Dam – Hobart: 173km
    • **Joes Garage**
    • Total: 346km

    Day 7 – Wednesday January 9

    • Hobart – Richmond – Hobart: 84km
    • Hobart – Snug - Huonville: 98km
    • Huonville – Geeveston – Tahune Forest Reserve Air Walk: 45km
    • Tahune Forest Reserve Air Walk – Southport: 65km
    • Total: 292km

    Day 8 – Thursday January 10

    • Southport – Huonville – Snug – Kingston - Hobart: 162km
    • Hobart – Sorell: 26km
    • Sorell – Swansea: 107km
    • Swansea – Bicheno: 43km
    • Total: 338km

    Day 9 – Friday January 11

    • Bicheno – Elephant Pass – St Helens: 126km
    • St Helens – Scottsdale: 98km
    • Scottsdale – Launceston: 65km
    • Total: 289km

    Day 10 – Saturday January 12

    • Launceston – Exeter: 32km
    • Exeter – Bridport: 111km
    • Bridport – Scottsdale: 19km
    • Scottsdale – Lilydale: 40km
    • Lilydale – Launceston: 27km
    • Total: 229km

    Day 11 – Sunday January 13

    • Launceston – Longford: 30km
    • Longford – Poatina: 39km
    • Poatina – Bothwell: 86km
    • Bothwell – Oatlands: 50km
    • Total: 205km

    Day 12 – Monday January 14

    • Oatlands – Campbell Town: 48km
    • Campbell Town – St Marys: 85km
    • St Mary’s – Scottsdale: 135km
    • Scottsdale – Launceston: 65km
    • Total: 333km

    Day 13 – Tuesday January 15

    • Launceston – Exeter – Port Sorell: 88km
    • Port Sorell – Devonport: 19km
    • Devonport – Sheffield: 32km
    • Sheffield – Paradise – Gowrie Park – Sheffield: 79km
    • Sheffield – Devonport: 32km
    • Total: 250km

    Day 14 – Wednesday January 16

    • Recovery day in Devonport!!

    Day 15 – Thursday January 17

    • Depart Devonport aboard the Spirit of Tasmania, day trip, departing 9am
    • Arrive Melbourne 6pm

    If you are thinking about coming on this ride PLEASE let me know, or post your interest in this thread. Given the time of year we'll be traveling, we're going to need to think about booking SOONER rather than later.

    Once I've rung around and sorted out accommodation I'm going to post a cut off date for people to express their intentions to join the ride.

  7. I'm actually going to be in Tassie during that time........in a bus :cry:

    Hope it rains :twisted: :p.
  8. :LOL: well suit up, close your eyes and you can imagine you're riding, instead of being stuck in a cramped bus seat next to some enormously sweaty fat man who insists on talking endlessly about himself, and sleeping on your shoulder :rofl:
  9. That's allright, reckon I'll just sit up the back and "keep an eye out" :butt: for any bikes stuck behind the bus in the twisties :LOL:.
  10. Hi all

    For those that are interested in seeing whereabouts in Tassie I'm planning this ride to go to, I've created a route map in google maps so you can see the proposed route I have listed above. You can view it here

  11. I am in..


    I am in to tassie, I always wanted to go, so riding around on summer will be awesome..
  12. I'll be offroad on 4 wheels during that time. I'm already going to have an ace holiday, but I am still jealous!
  13. Re: I am in..

    Excellent - thanks elcolombiano, I have added you to the list of confirmed. Look forward to riding with you :)
  14. My first longish m'bike tour Melb-Tassie-Melb-Syd....figured I may as well make it a big one hey! Maybe I will just tie myself to my bike....am so looking foward to this huge adventure. Thanks for the opportunity Ian. :grin:
  15. Looking forward to having you join us Eve! I've added you to the list of confirmed.

    Ok people, its about time to book the boat, and to book accommodation.

    Prices for the boat are as follows:

    Day fare (each way):
    Adult: $168
    Student: $131


    Motorbike (each way):

    We'll also need to purchase a pass to enter the National Parks, details are here but the best option is probably the 8 week pass which is $28 for a motorbike. Application form is here and I believe that if you are an RACV member you can purchase passes from them at a discounted rate.

    I'm sending PM's to all the people listed as confirmed and possible, and I will organise booking for the boat for us all, but will need funds deposited to my account. If you'd prefer to do the booking yourself please let me know.

    I will provide details of accommodation shortly once I have final confirmation of numbers coming. Please make sure you have a tent! There are a number of good inexpensive lightweight hiking tents available that are great for a motorbike (see Aussie Disposals and Ray's Outdoors, both have a hiking tent option that is suitable and a good price). Also please indicate whether anyone has any issues sharing accommodation for those times we aren't camping. You shouldn't need to worry about cooking gear as we should be close enough to shops/hotels etc for food runs when camping.

    More details to follow!
  16. List of attendees has been updated :cool:
  17. I faxed off the form for my motorbike parks pass today and did a run up the putty road last weekend to try and up my bike fitness! :eek:

    I found a great little tassie tourist site and here are a couple of possibles for things to do/see....

    The Wall in the Wilderness at Derwent Bridge :grin: Only put this one up as I chatted to some relos who've just arrived back from tassie and said these carvings are amazing.


    Cable Hang Gliding near Launceston :eek:


    Tassie Devils! :shock:


    Ian....is this your first trip to tassie? As for twistie roads....after chatting to same relos as above was relieved to see that the Scottsdale to Launceston route is towards the end of the tour and we'll be riding this one twice! :shock: :LOL:

  18. Thanks for the links Eve!

    It's not my first time to Tassie - I've been several times - but its the first time I've done it by bike - one of the things that has been on my "to do" list for a long time!

    PM's have been sent to the list of confirmed - need your email addresses - and unfortunately both donski1 and Danielle have had to pull out. So at present we have a group of 5 which should be a good manageable size for the trip.

    There will be one change to the intinerary, and that will be that I have been advised by the Spirit of Tasmania that there won't be a day sailing on the 17th of January, so for our trip back we'll be traveling overnight on the 16th, arriving in Melbourne on the 17th. Sleeping arrangements will be discussed via email. :) Once we have that sorted we'll get it booked.
  19. Mwah and Carri will be there too at that time Ian. But on 4 wheels :cry: But at least its a clayton's 4x4 wheels Subaru, so will get in some bush and beach tracks and feel like Im a trailrider again :grin: There's a lovely spot I wanted to return to in 4WD, that I rode to on sth west tip few years ago. Was 16km's of corrugated ta buggery, riding action like this :dance: dirt road, fully loaded on the Bandit. I swore it better be worth it, as I was bouncing along :dance: ](*,) Turned out as good as it looked on the map. :grin:

    P.S. I also was down there couple months ago for work and got a DVD copy of Tas maps, if your interested. Bike atlas covers all you need but this goes into more trails.
  20. Let us know if you guys are going to be near where our group is while you're in Tassie and we'll come say g'day :grin:

    Cheers mate, that would be awesome if you're happy to burn me a copy :)