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[VIC] Anzac Day Ride to Yea, Fri Apr 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mark Campbell

    Planning on going for a ride on Anzac Day.

    The Route will be:
    Healesville - Marysville - Buxton - Taggerty - Thronton - Alexandra - Yea

    Planning on having lunch in Yea then;

    Yea - Strath Creek - Kinglake West - Kinglake - Toolangi - Healesvil...

    ... more

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  2. That's an excellent planned route - one of my usuals except in reverse :)

    What time you planning on being back in Healesville? Temping ......altho' have a big night planned for that evening :wink:
  3. Looks like a great route. Wouldn't mind coming as I'll have just serviced the bike and will have new (good) tyres. If my wife is working that day and if I don't have a poker tourney on the Thurs night I will :LOL:

    I made up a google map route for it too, btw:

    (Note: I just did town searches as way points to get an idea of the distance, the map doesn't start at the bakery and there are some back roads which probly aren't exactly accurate :) )

    Never ridden black spur before. :shock:
  4. Morbo,

    That route is almost spot on, however wont be following that route from Alexandra to yea. THere is another way which will take in some other country roads.


    Steve Guzzi
    Irachi & Mark
    heffa & maybe brother
    Nalasrob +1
    Isle of Cam


  5. If we get enough people coming along then we will be using the corner marking system and TEC (depending on who is coming and their pace/experience).
  6. It should look familiar, I stole it from Cejay. :wink:
  7. Ahh, no worries. I did it for myself to figure out distances as I haven't ridden there yet and thought I might as well share - I did wonder how accurate it was!

    I've edited it with a bit of back road gear in there to give a better idea. Well, I guess that's the general gist anyway :grin:

    I'm definitely going to try to get there, still haven't met any Netriders yet :)
  8. Hey guys. I am interested.

    Now, I am a relative rookie, but don't think this will be too hard for me. I certainly am not up to 100kmh through the twisties or anything, and my chicken strips are still just that! And I'm only on a VTR250 but I notice that is in good company with you Cambo et al.
  9. I'm going to the dawn service in the city first and was planning to go on a ride with Chairman afterwards. I'll speak to the man and see what the plan is, this sounds fun.
  10. I did this ride a few weeks ago with Cjay, Deyago and Chairman. It is anextremely fun ride. The 250's go pretty well on this route. I should have my upgrade by then, so I will be on a brand spanking new Aprilia Tuono.

    I wont be going 100 through the twisties eaither. I need ot scrub some tyres in and I'm still not that brave.
  11. :-k Hmmmmmm.....

    Sounds interesting.
  12. Ah d'oh. This would've been fun, but just promised my mate I'd go to his birthday. Bummer...
  13. New Tuono! :twisted:

    Excuse me if I touch your bike. What color did you get and what pipes? Were they the factory accessories with the matching chip?
  14. will be there

    hi will be there sounds good have to get the bike out not sure if i will be there for the whole ride going to the foo fighters that night
  15. Jake, I got the blue bike and Aprilia are having an 07 runout special with a pair of free Akrapovic pipes. Sounds sweet.
  16. Looks like fun guys but I'm heading up to Baw Baw on ANZAC day. Have a blast - and enjoy getting to know the bike Cambo!! Nice choice!! :cool:
  17. Got a leave pass for the day, and it's been too long since I've had a ride! See you all there :)
  18. I might try and make it to this one. Hopefully the weather stays good.
  19. we are in!

    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum. My hubby Mark has met up with you guys once at the st kilda coffee meet. My name is Rach, riding a ninja 250.
    Would love to join you on this ride, mark too (honda 919).
    See you there!
  20. this will be a great ride with a chance the weather will not be to bad